Valentine’s Day [of Controversy]

As a hopeless romantic, I like the idea behind Valentine’s Day; one day of the year when lovers express their affection for one another by showering each other with gifts and expressing their adoration with kind gestures. What’s not to like!? But, this holiday is one full of controversy. Many believe that this day was created by so-called ‘greeting card’ companies, dubbing it a Hallmark Holiday; claiming that this day is only recognized as a way to generate business, and I say to those people… Who the fuck cares!?

Even if this were true (and I assure you, it’s not), a business is a business. They exist for the sole purpose to make a profit, and if they did in fact create this holiday for people to go out and buy mass produced goods in order to show that they care for someone in their life, so what? I think it’s a great tradition!

No one is forcing you to go out and buy that $100 box of chocolates; go to the nearest drug store and pick one up for $5 (or $10 if you feel like splurging). No one ever needs a stuffed animal that can take up the entirety of a mid-sized sedan’s trunk space (and this is coming from someone who had a 4 foot horse stuffed animal…), but if a cute teddy bear holding a heart is calling your name, or rather, your significant other’s name, then go for it. Once the initial joy of receiving such a gift wears off, donate it to a local children’s charity. If giving the gift of flowers is what you really want to do, then stick around ’till the end where I will share my insider secrets. 😉

“But I show my love all year round; I don’t need a holiday to do it…”

This may be true, but like anything else that you do everyday, it may become monotonous, and something done purely out of habit. Like when you are ending a phone call: “Love you.” “I love you, too.” click. How many times a day does this conversation take place? How many times do you think people really, wholeheartedly, 100% mean exactly what they are saying?  Sure it may be true, but it also may be only said out of habit.

The way I look at Valentine’s Day is that it serves as a good reminder: Hey, I have a special someone in my life, and I want to make sure they know that they are loved. It’s as simple as that. And if all it takes is a text or a phone call to that special someone in the middle of the day, just reminding them that you’re thinking of them, that’s fine. Or you want to go out to a place that sells greeting cards together, pick the cheesiest cards for one another and exchange them in the store without buying them, that’s cool too.

And if you don’t have a special someone in your life to call ‘Valentine,’ that only means one thing… more discounted chocolate for you when the day’s over.

All I’m saying is that Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day filled with huge gestures and flowers and chocolates and over-sized plushies and jewelry and store bought greeting cards. It should be a day where people slow down and recognize loved ones for being there and supporting them. What’s so wrong with celebrating love? Nothing! Don’t make this day something that it’s not.

Now for the top secret information I hinted at earlier. I used to be a florist and I’ve worked a number of Valentine’s Days, so I want to give you some trade secrets when it comes to ordering flowers on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Don’t wait ’till the day of or even the day before to put your order in. Like most things, flowers need to be ordered ahead of time, and when you have one day where hundreds of arrangements are ordered, made, and then delivered/picked up, there can very easily be confusion. Instead, call at least a week ahead (a month ahead even, if the florist is accepting orders that early). That way, your arrangement will not be made with old flowers and rushed through because they were given last minute notice.
  2. If you want to save some money, DO NOT ORDER THROUGH 1-800-FLOWERS or any of those national chain moochers. All they do is jack-up the price for you and give the actual florist (the person doing 100% of the work) little to no profit. Instead, contact your local florist and tell them directly what you want. Chances are, they will even be able to cut you a deal on that cutesy arrangement you found on Pro Flowers’ website.
  3. Want to save even more money? Instead of picking out a specific arrangement, ask for a ‘Designer’s Choice.’ You can tell them what you’re looking for in terms of types of flowers to include, what color, and even size/price range. This way, there is no random mark-up; you cut out the middle man resulting in an arrangement costing a fraction of the price.

As for saving money on the rest of the holiday’s niceties, wait ’till after February 14 and score 50% off discounts or more! God knows, retailers need to get rid of the stuff so they can usher in Halloween crap if they haven’t already started. I’m kidding of course, but it feels that way, doesn’t it?

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Do you think it’s a Hallmark Holiday? Do you have a fond memory from a previous February 14th? Let me know!

17 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day [of Controversy]

  1. I think it’s a Hallmark holiday and I really don’t like how it put couples and sex up on a pillar. I’m single, a virgin, and tired of commercialized crap getting shoved down my throat. Just my thoughts.

    Love the photo by the way!

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    • The day definitely means something different for those not in a relationship, but with that being said, I remember celebrating with my friends, sending them candy grams in school. I also gave my Dad a Valentine’s themed gift until I moved out and vice versa. I guess that was a tradition only in my family…. I do understand why people view it as a Hallmark holiday; I just choose to celebrate love that day. 🙂

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  2. Valentines Day is like Father’s Day to me. I don’t celebrate because I’ve never had someone to celebrate it with. It’s quite sad, but it’s just like any other day for me. I wish that my feelings would change.

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    • I totally understand. Last year was the first Valentine’s Day I spent with my fella and he doesn’t celebrate the holiday, so he didn’t get me anything, but I got him a cheesy card and some chocolate. It made him smile and that’s all I wanted. I should also state that he is the type to get me a dozen roses every once in a while completely out of the blue, which is always nice. 🙂

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  3. “…pick the cheesiest cards for one another and exchange them in the store without buying them” –this is by far the most romantic choice above, great idea especially for a cheapskate like me haha!

    I agree with you about not caring whether Valentine’s day is a Hallmark holiday or not… You can’t just ignore the atmosphere of love and roses and chocolates when that day comes so maybe might as well join in with the vibe, it might be the only chance (or excuse) for you and your loved one to be cheesy and all lovey-dovey with each other. Or if you don’t feel like celebrating it, that’s fine too. Actually the choice of celebration is not limited to Valentine’s only. Christmas can be just like any other day if you wanted as much as National Siblings Day might deserve a cake if you wanted. That’s just my opinion though. 😊

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    • The cheesiest card swap came from my mom and I doing this for each other for our birthdays since they are 2 days apart. 🙂 And I agree with you that not celebrating is fine. I just don’t care for the people who put it down. I like to celebrate/recognize the little things in life, and if that means giving a loved one a small token of admiration just to make them smile, then I’m all for it. 🙂

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  4. I really, really like the idea of Valentine’s Day; I like the idea of setting aside a day just to tell people you love them. I know in movies it’s all about couples, but I don’t see why it should ever be just about that. I also almost never celebrate it on the 14th. For myself, I usually celebrate it around that time with something low-key. I just use the date as a marker, a handy reminder to tell people I care about them and not take anyone for granted. I like to see people happy.

    I remember one year when I was working in a large office building with a mail area in the lobby, I wrote about 27 valentine cards to people I didn’t really know and snuck them into their pigeon holes, just appreciating them in little ways. To the receptionist for always greeting me with a smile and making me laugh on tough days, to the security guard for always holding the door open and looking so smart in his uniform, to the secretary on the third floor for always being so friendly and looking beautiful in her red lipstick, to the lawyer on the fifth floor for always being polite and taking the time to say hello despite always being under a huge amount of pressure, to the other lawyer for being so hard-working and having a gorgeous smile…. etc. etc. etc.

    It made me happy and grateful to sit down and have to think about each person, and think of something nice about each of them, and put it in writing. I left them all anonymous, but it was good for me because it really made me care and feel a connection to these people who I barely knew just by virtue of having to really THINK about them, and writing these things down, and it was lovely to see people’s moods shift when they realised they had a valentine’s card they weren’t expecting. Even the most sour, cynical person was delighted.

    Another year I snuck out the night of the 13th and left little handwritten valentine’s cards on the windscreen wipers of every car on my street. Nothing specific, just, “Thank you for always doing your best. You are wonderful. Happy Valentine’s Day!” – stuff like that. Ideally everyone would receive a valentine’s card. I really think people who complain about it being a “Hallmark Holiday” don’t have the time or the inclination to make their own cards.

    Maybe if you have Thanksgiving then Valentine’s Day feels less necessary. In Ireland we don’t have Thanksgiving so Valentine’s Day is really the only day exclusively for loving other people.I don’t know… This has turned into a novel of a comment, but I just really like Valentine’s Day! I like seeing people happy and I like love. It shouldn’t be about money or chocolates or flowers necessarily. What’s wrong with a reminder to let someone know you care about them? Yes, that can be done at any time of the year but realistically, how many people do you know that take that to heart and do Valentine’s-Day-type things all year round?

    I’m rambling now. This is what happens when I read blogs when I should be working! Sorry for blowing up your comment section!

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    • Hahahaha. I love it all! Everything you just said: YES! And I never thought about comparing it to Thanksgiving, but you are so right! And I also love your commitment to spreading love. All it takes is a heart felt ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ either spoken or written, and you can make even the most grumpy of people smile. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


  5. “And if you don’t have a special someone in your life to call ‘Valentine,’ that only means one thing… more discounted chocolate for you when the day’s over.”

    I laughed so hard at this! I’ve nominated you once before, but here’s another one! I love reading your blog so much! I don’t even think of it like a blog anymore, it’s like a best seller that I can’t put down!

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  6. Agreed on all points, your post isn’t far from what I’ve written myself. I ate sushi for breakfast today because a food delivery service had a promo on free food (you just paid for delivery) yesterday only 😉 Many people love to complain about the commercial side of Valentine’s Day and yet I’m sure don’t mind all the discounts and promos….

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