Another Trip Around the Sun

So my birthday was last Sunday and like any other 24 going on 25 year old, I wanted to go to the aquarium. Wait, what…? That’s just me…? What’s wrong with you people!?

Since I’m using this blog to confess myself to you all, I have another admission to include on the list: I’ve never had a birthday party. Not even when I was little. I can recall memories of going to different zoos, aquariums, skating rinks, and indoor water parks, and being able to bring 1 friend, but that was the extent of my birthday bashes, and I was okay with it (still am).

The first time I went to the Baltimore Aquarium was for my 10th birthday. I don’t remember a whole lot of the trip itself other than taking my very best friend at the time (whom my father didn’t like) and going out on the harbor in a paddle boat with her and my brother; that’s about it. Because of my lack of memory from my previous visit, I figured a repeat trip would be fun; I could experience everything for the first time again!

My parents asked to tag along which I’m sure for most mid-twenty somethings would be a drag, but not for me! I love my parents! Also, I figured dad would drive and mom would take the pictures, so all I had to do was enjoy. Score!

We got our tickets and were told that we couldn’t enter for at least 30 minutes, so like the fatty I am, I suggested second breakfast (mom already made everyone breakfast before we left the house). The only place that was open in the area was Chick-Fil-A; no issues with that! We went in and ordered our food, and when it was ready, I noticed they got my order wrong. Not a big deal… I went up front and asked for what I ordered and they let me keep the wrong order: a box of chicken nuggets. I decided to do my good deed for the day and give a bum outside with a cute doggo the extra nuggets.

With my good deed out of the way, we headed to the aquarium where I proceeded to shove past any child I could easily take on if we came to blows so I could see. No shame. When there are turtles involved and its my birthday, my happiness is more important than some child’s whose intent is to point at a sea creature and obnoxiously repeat the name of said creature to their mother.

We got to see all kinds of fish, including Nemo and Dory lookalikes, sea horses, anemones (definitely had to Google how to spell that one), octopi, sharks, dolphins, a myriad of exotic birds, and turtles of all different shapes and sizes. Every where we went, there was a different species of turtle from the multiple ocean habitats to the Australian enclosure, even the tropical bird exhibit had turtles hidden in the corners! I had the biggest smile plastered on my face everywhere we went…. except for that one time…

We got our fill of the exotic aquatic life, I got me a turtle sticker from the gift shop and we went  back home to enjoy Japanese takeout and played DC Comics Deck-Builder and One Night with my brother (watch out, my nerd is showing). But forrealzies, if you guys haven’t played either of these games, find your local nerd hobby&games store and give them a try. They’re super fun!

Mom and I spent the next morning decorating our cake (her birthday is 2 days after mine). It was a whimsical gnome neighborhood complete with toadstool cottages and gnome figurines. It was adorable!

The weekend as a whole was a great way to round out 24 and ring in 25.

Speaking of 24… My birthday last year consisted of Fella and I driving through a safari park. If you haven’t done this yet, you need to find the closest one and go! Its quite the memorable experience!

Such a fun day! 🙂

Any who. I hope you enjoyed my past 2 birthdays. I sure did! Do you guys have any memorable birthday experiences? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “Another Trip Around the Sun

  1. I’ve had a ton of memorable ones….. too many to list but most aren’t for good reasons…I have a bit of a Birthday curse where when I was growing up- my parents ‘forgot’ my birthdays a few times and my birthdays always overlapped with this awful festival in town that I wanted to avoid- but my friends wanted to attend. It was a yearly event. Every year my friends were like “Come on- let’s just go celebrate at the festival!” And I was like “It’s MY birthday! Screw the festival! I’m going to Canadas Wonderland then the clubs!”
    Yeah….. needless to say I’m not a Birthday fan.

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    • I have a mild birthday curse as well! It all started around my 16th birthday when my boyfriend at the time got in a really bad car accident the day before. I cancelled the trip I was planning for that year because of it. This year, I got a flat tire on my car on my way to work 2 days before my birthday. :/


  2. Happy birthday for last weekend 🎂🎂.. there is nothing wrong with doing what YOU want for your birthday! A few years back (bear in mind I am 20 years older than you!) .. I asked (nay demanded) that my friends at work give me a princess party.. and they did. We even booked out one of the boardrooms for it & invited about 20 people. I had a tiara & wand and we had pin the tail on the donkey haha.. it was a bloody good party 😀😀

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  3. I love your pics. You could tell you guys were really enjoying it.

    As for my birthday parties, I have pretty bad memories. I’ve never had a proper one as my mom would always barge into my room, telling the kids it was time they left. Gosh, was that embarrassing!
    That left a huge mark on my life, I guess. How else could you explain the fact that I’ve never celebrated my birthday ever since. I don’t even like accepting gifts.


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