Nothing Says Welcome Home Like…

… an inviting front door.

If you haven’t looked up ‘pastel front door’ on Pintrest, you have no idea the kind of happiness you are missing in your life. They’re all so charming and welcoming. I personally can’t help but smile every time I see an out-of-the-ordinary colored front door.

When I was researching colors online, I came across many sites talking about how the color you pick for your door not only says something about the home inside, but also, a lot about your personality. So according to my color selection and this website, my door now “promotes emotional healing and creativity.”

Sure! I’ll take it.

When we first moved in, our front door was a deep forest green color with a brass handle and door knocker. Now I have nothing against forest green, but I have everything against brass. I knew early on that I wanted to paint the front door and that decision became more pressing once I started using the door on a daily basis and noticed how ugly the green paint job was. There were dried paint drips, scratches, and in some places, you could even see the original burgundy color showing through!

As far as front doors go, this one was pretty lame.

I began the makeover by removing the hardware (handle, deadbolt, and knocker) and taping up a plastic sheet so a) the inside of the house wasn’t completely exposed and b) the dogs couldn’t escape. I then taped off the door hinges and the weather stripping and  gave it a good sanding in order to give the primer a good surface to grip to.

Once I was all done prepping, I started priming. Since I was going from a dark to light color, I needed to add a couple coats of primer before I started painting to ensure the green color wouldn’t bleed through (like the burgundy had done to the green). What I wasn’t expecting was having to apply 6 coats of primer to fully hide the green!


My work-in-progress. Please excuse the bottle of coconut rum- like I said, there were A LOT of coats of primer, so a mojito was in order.

Then, because the color I picked was so light, I had to do 3 coats of paint to cover the bright white primer!

But it was all worth it because…



Isn’t she so much prettier!? I absolutely love coming home to this every day. I added a fall wreath (over the newly spray painted old brass knocker) to dress her up a bit. And with the new oil rubbed bronze handle against the pastel blue, she just exudes comfort and screams ‘A pretty cool chick lives here.’ At least, that’s what I think anyway…

16 thoughts on “Nothing Says Welcome Home Like…

  1. Love it!

    One of the first things we did to our flat was paint the front door. We went from Navy to bright yellow and like you, it makes me happy every time I see it.

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  2. I adore front doors with character. When I visit my parents, I like to walk to the coffee shop because there is this cute little house with the prettiest yellow front door that I like to kind of saunter by enjoying how lovely it is before continuing on my way. You can’t appreciate it while driving. This one one of the doors I would walk to the coffee shop for 😉

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