BEXoxo Does Atlanta

It still baffles me that I’ve been to London and Paris before I made it to the big cities here in the states; even the ones that are within driving distance!

Recently, Fella and I whisked off to Atlanta for a weekend getaway and my first taste of the ATL.

I feel like I should share a tid-bit about us before we continue. We’re football fans, and by football, I mean American football. I’m totally one of those girls who screams expletives at the television screen when ‘my boys’ aren’t performing well and Fella becomes overly superstitious about which jersey to wear, when to wear it, and if it can be washed on normal laundry day (possibly removing any lucky ju-ju from it).

Now, my team is the Washington Redskins and for those of you who are unfamiliar, no, they aren’t very good. I mean, when they’re good, they’re really good, but as of late, meh. Fella’s team is the Atlanta Falcons who were last year’s Super Bowl runner ups; they made it to the biggest game of the season, were killing it during the first half, then ‘pulled a Falcons’ and lost in over time. Waahhhhh!

So any who, the Falcons just had a new stadium open up and Fella has been itchin’ to check it out and see a game, so we made a weekend out of it.

Atlanta is roughly a 6 hour drive from home. We left mid-afternoon on a Friday and got to our Air BnB around 11:30. We went straight to sleep, so we could get up early and hit the town.

First thing on the list was the aquarium. Now, if you’re new here, you should know I adore turtles, so going to the aquarium was an absolute must while in town. We made our way across Centennial Olympic Park when I spotted a Waffle House. If aquariums are #1 on my list of ‘must visit’ places, Waffles House would be a close second (I’m kidding… sort of). I adore Waffle House!!

After our delicious breakfast, we headed over to the aquarium. Going into this trip, I knew I would be comparing this aquarium to the Baltimore Aquarium we visited for my birthday earlier this year, but I determined that that was almost impossible. They both offer so many different things. For example, the Baltimore Aquarium has a mini zoo with exotic birds and monkeys, whereas the Georgia Aquarium has more in terms of shows. Speaking of shows, we went to all of the animal shows. We saw a sea lion show complete with blow-kisses from flippers and waddle-dancing, and a dolphin show where people rode dolphins around like they were their primary source of transportation. I’m not sure of the ethicacy of the shows, but they sure were entertaining.


Managed to catch all 3 whale sharks in one shot

The aquarium overall was amazing, but they lacked in the turtle department which results in a score of 4 out of 5 star fish from me.

We left the aquarium some time in the afternoon and decided to wander around the city. Some of the things we witnessed on the streets of Atlanta: a music video of some sort being filmed on a fairy-tale-esk horse drawn carriage, a man approached us and told us we were a good looking couple before asking us for money and a cigarette, and a guy laying on the sidewalk with his hand down the front of his trousers ‘scratching’ himself. Oh Atlanta, you leave so little to the imagination…

We looked up area attractions and landed on an escape room a few blocks away. Neither Fella nor I had done an escape room, so we decided to take the challenge.

If you have never done an escape room, go right now! They are awesome! Since it was just the 2 of us (they suggest 4 or more for better chances of escaping), and it was our first time, we were given the easiest room with the theme of Area 51. With that being said, we were about 5-10 minutes away from winning before our hour was up. Dang it! But we had a blast. We’re even going to another one in a couple weeks when my family comes down to visit.

After our failed escape room, we landed at a BBQ joint downtown. When in the south… eat all the meat!

After dinner, we caught the train back to our digs and crashed for the night.

Sunday morning, after waiting for close to AN HOUR for our breakfast at some organic, hippie-type eatery, we went to oogle at the new Mercedes stadium. It really is a cool looking building, inside and out. I had never been to an NFL game before, so it was nice being surrounded by people who root for the same team as you. You could practically smell the comradery in the air. Oh wait, that was stale beer and nachos. My bad.


10 seconds later… TOUCH DOWN FALCONS!

After a rather intense game, the Falcons ended up losing to the Miami Dolphins. Stupid Falcons…

Then it was time to head for home. We were on the road around 4 and landed in our own bed around 10:30. Not so bad.

Overall, my first trip to Atlanta was pretty great. The cherry on top would have been a win, but you can’t have everything I suppose. In 3 weeks, Fella and I are actually heading back. This time, he has a work function and I will just be tagging along. I might check out the World of Coke museum, but who knows.

On another note, Fella and I finished painting our kitchen! We still have A LOT of work to do in there before I share pictures, so instead, I will share with you our pumpkins we carved: a sugar skull and a drunken Falco-holic. One took 20 minutes, the other 4 hours. Can you tell which one?


Oh so spooky!

5 thoughts on “BEXoxo Does Atlanta

  1. I’m also a football screamer, and proud of it. I’m also a Dolphins fan so I was glad to hear about the win, lol. Either way, there’s nothing better than a really intense game where you feel that anything can happen. It’s also awesome to be at the game feeling the energy and everyone’s screaming adding to your own. So much fun. I can’t believe I haven’t done an escape room yet. I’ve wanted to forever.

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  2. I love Atlanta, been multiple times. Been to the aquarium and the old Georgia Dome for a college football bowl game. I’d certainly recommend the World of Coke for next time. I also love Waffle House and definitely gotta get BBQ in the south.

    I know how y’all feel with the Falcons. My Panthers had a Superbowl hangover last season but luckily are bouncing back this year. Best of luck to all our teams.

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