Wedding Dresses, Snow, and NYC

So last weekend, I went wedding dress shopping. Eeeeeek!

I’m far from a girly-girl, so this necessary shopping trip was quite daunting for me. I booked an appointment (to shop!?) a week in advance and gave my possy the deets (just go with it…).

Since getting engaged (more like a year or two before),  I’ve been searching wedding dress styles; what I like, what I don’t like, different colors, etc., so I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for. But that really didn’t mean anything because according to the American classic television series, Say Yes to the Dress, nothing really matters until you start trying dresses on.

I met up with my mom and my aunt for a light lunch right before the appointment then proceeded to the ‘bridal salon’ on foot. Once through the door, we were greeted with smiles and a congratulations like some how they knew… well duh, I was there for an existing appointment to look at and try on wedding dresses which usually only happens after you get engaged…


My ‘Please help me’ face

I sat down and started describing my perfect dress to my consultant while my mom found the most gaudy hair clips, attached them to my tendrils for my aunt to laugh at and take pictures. Fun times!


In the midst of the crazy going on behind me and the questions being thrown at me, I saw from the corner of my eye, an arm slowly lowering next to my face. I looked up and saw a necklace being fasted around my neck by my aunt. Once hooked, I picked up the pendant to examine it and was shocked. The delicate chain held the biggest diamond I’ve ever seen outside of a glass case. I asked if this would be my something borrowed for the wedding, and she said it would be my something old; she was gifting me the necklace. Holy wow!

After the talk with the consultant, she let us loose in the store to pick dresses for me to try on (you know, to compliment the new ice on my chest). The first dress that I found on the rack, I pulled to hand to my dress maiden, but she said she had already pulled it. Interesting….

After picking about a dozen dresses, the fun began, and by fun, I mean I got to strip naked in front of a woman I had only met 10 minutes prior! Awe, who am I kidding. I’m not all that shy when it comes to situations such as these. I was out of my street clothes and into my first gown in 13.8 seconds flat.

As dresses go, I’m not a ball gown girl and I detest tulle of any kind. And since my wedding (as I’ve established in this post) is going to be an outdoor event in August, I knew that satin was a no no, but the entourage did not see it that way; they both picked satin ballgowns for me to try on. Really ladies!? My thought was that it was not everyday that you get to try on wedding dresses, so why not? I put them on and guess what… neither of them did it for me. Surprise!

After trying on a slew of dresses, we finally came to the first one I picked (it was the last on the hook ya see…). My new BFF swung the dress around out of the bag it was enclosed in and I couldn’t help but smile. The dress itself, without any shape or structure to it, was beautiful. I couldn’t wait to try it on. I stepped into it and brought the bodice up to my torso while the consultant did her thing. As I was being laced up (it has a corseted back), I could not stop staring- at the dress, at myself, the whole package. This was my dress!

I walked out of the dressing room to show my groupies and they both remarked on the look on my face. I had found my twinkle. I had found the dress that gave me my twinkle. Then the crying commenced; not from me (surprisingly), but from my mom and aunt. As they were wiping away tears, I was on a pedestal surrounded by mirrors with the biggest smile on my face. This was it- this was my dress!

I would show you guys a picture, but Fella is one of my 5 dedicated readers and he’s not allowed to see it. Hi Fella!!

I think the strangest thing about this whole experience is the fact the dress fits me perfectly; I didn’t have to order one and wait an entire gestational period of a hippo (8 months btw) to get it. The only tailoring it needs is for it to be hemmed (because I’m borderline midget status) and for the top to be altered just a hair. But that’s it! It truly was meant to be my dress.

On another note- SNOW!!

I think the Christmas Gods (Jesus? Santa?) read my previous post about my distaste of Christmas. Specifically, my lack of spirit due to not ever having a white Christmas. At the end of last week, it snowed, and not just flurry snow. We got roughly 3 inches of the stuff by Saturday! It never snows around my neck of the woods before Christmas. It’s a miracle! Sure, most of it has already melted, but you know what…? We got more yesterday!

It had been flurrying all day yesterday, but nothing seemed to have been sticking, so it was one of those work days where I was staring ever so longingly outside my window every 15-20 minutes as the snow flurries swirled outside. Then, right around quitting time, it did start sticking. I ducked out a few minutes early and I’m glad I did. I got within 2 miles of home and my tires started skidding causing my car to drift. I definitely breathed a sign of relief once I made it up the final hill before the driveway.

But wouldn’t you know it, as I was about to turn my wheel and glide into the driveway Fast & Furious style, my car slid past the driveway and ended up in the front yard. Ooops! I tried to back up the hill just a few feet into the driveway so my car wasn’t left sitting on the side of the road, but I had no luck. Instead of possibly sliding down the hill any more, I decided to just drive through the front yard, aiming for some part of the driveway. Crisis averted.

I headed inside thinking the salt truck would make a pass down our street over night. Guess what didn’t happen? You got it! I made it about 10ft out of the driveway this morning. I had to slide back into the driveway and call Fella with his not-so-overrated all wheel drive vehicle to my rescue. I was able to work a bit from home and spend a little extra time with the pups, so I’m not complaining too much…

But if this is what a white Christmas is going to be like, then I don’t want it!

Oh, and one last thing, Fella and I are heading up to New York City to spend a few days there before Christmas, so if it can snow while we’re there, that would just be perfect. Thank you in advance, Christmas Gods (Jesus? Santa?).

18 thoughts on “Wedding Dresses, Snow, and NYC

  1. Yay on finding the perfect dress.. if Say Yes To The Dress has taught me anything it’s that women go in with a certain idea and go away with a completely different dress. So to find one that fits perfectly and you love straight away is awesome.

    I wish it would snow here.. unfortunately it’s so hot here that if it starts raining it will be dry before it hits the ground – yay to summer Christmases! As a kid I grew up on US Christmas movies and it was always snowing. I have yet to experience a white Christmas.

    Oh and if I don’t get a chance beforehand … MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 🙂 🙂

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  2. Eeee! How exciting, I looove watching Say Yes To The Dress! How sweet of your aunt to give you the “ice” for your neck haha, sounds like you had so much fun! Congratulations on finding that right one!! I think it’s adorable how you call your fiance “fella” and that he reads your blog but I must say I resent him a little because I want to see the dress so bad!!! Lol.

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  3. I can’t believe you found the dress on the first try and that it fit perfectly! Forget Christmas gods, the wedding gods are the ones looking out. I’m dying to see photos of the dress, but I guess it’s nicer that the mister is a dedicated reader. What can I do? The wait begins… I’m also pretty short- 5 feet even- so there was no way I was going to get away with not having alterations. I love garden themed weddings. Also, how freaking awesome to get that beautiful something old necklace.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Girl listen, you’ll be as stressed as you decide to be. The day flies by so quickly that you’ll be dumbfounded that it’s over after months/years of planning. My advice is to keep things simple. We tend to have the most fun at casual parties with friends when everyone is relaxed and just wanting a good time. Do what makes you guys happy and screw what people think you should do or should include. I also feel like the most stress comes after the wedding when people realize how much debt they’ve got because of it. So stay cool, drink drinks and invest in an awesome DJ. After that, what stress? I feel all giddy cause your happiness is seeping through the computer!

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