Adulting Done Right

My Business Law professor had a saying:

“There are three things you are guaranteed to have to do in life: live, pay taxes, and die.”

That’s why he spent the first part of his career as a Wills Attorney; giving people the opportunity to disseminate their tangible belongings via a written will (job security and all…). When people die, they become very particular over their things. They want to leave their possessions and fortunes (or lack there of) to those they loved and cared about. Or, you know, not and just have all their crap buried with them (his words, not mine).

Well this post turned rather morbid fairly quickly. Moving on…

Every year, I get excited to receive my tax forms: my W-2 from work, my 1098-E from paying interest on my student loans, and now something from my retirement account ’cause as the title of this post suggests, I’ve become quite the adult!

At an early age, my father shared some of his tax wisdom with me: if you pay a little more into your state and federal taxes every month, then you most likely will not owe anything come tax season. In fact, you will most likely be getting something back! It’s not like I’m getting more or less in the long run, but everyone knows it’s a much better experience getting money than giving money, especially in regards to the government, so I’ve been giving a little extra every year so that I can expect some money back (hence the excitement mentioned above about getting tax documents- I’m not that weird, I swear.)

I’ve conditioned myself to think of it as a payoff- free money if you will (though we all know money ain’t free!) One year, I put my return towards buying a car. Another year, I used some of it to pay for a vacation. But most recently, I’ve been saddled with student loans which my responsible side has been making me put most of my ‘extra cash’ towards paying off. But that’s no fun. I worked hard for this money to be taken out of my paychecks every month and given back to me in one lump-sum. I deserve to treat myself.

And this year, that’s what I did. I got a tattoo!

I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but I’ve also always been very picky. I’d think about what I wanted, then mull it over until it lost it’s charm, and start thinking of another. The design that I finally decided on was one that I’ve loved since I first saw it. I was still a bit apprehensive on getting it because it’s quite the commitment, but what ultimately made me decide to get it was a quote: ‘It’s not about the meaning of a tattoo, but how it makes you feel.’ I realized I had been putting off getting a tattoo because I was trying to attach all sorts of meanings to it. Not all tattoos need to have some important message or significance. It is okay if it’s just a piece of art, and that’s exactly what I got:


I love it! The top flower is a rose and the bottom is a dahlia- my favorite flower.

Since getting it and showing it off, the first thing people ask is typically, “Did it hurt?” to which I respond, “Oh my God, yes!” Then after they realize this was my first tattoo, they usually make a comment on how big it is for my first tat. Go big or go home right!?

But these comment got me thinking: if I were to get a smaller tattoo just to see how bad the pain was, then I would just be settling for a tattoo that I didn’t really love. It would be a test- a trial run purely done to determine my tolerance. But I didn’t want a small tattoo. I wanted what I got and I’m so happy I got it. I wasn’t happy I was getting it when I was getting it, but now I am. It’s now apart of me and according to Fella, it makes me x1,000 cooler (granted, he’s biased because he has 3 tats himself).

But I’d say this is the best damn tax return I have ever spent! Yay for being an adult!

28 thoughts on “Adulting Done Right

  1. We are basically the same person hahaha. I have been paying extra tax for years because I know that in July I will get a lump sum of money back from the tax office for me to use on whatever I want – Generally the majority goes on my Student Loan but I will use the other part of it for my November travels. It is so handy to know that I will be having $$$ coming in but other people think I’m an idiot for doing it because the govt is getting the interest on that amount. But I have pointed out that a) the interest you would receive is so minimal & b) I know myself very well, if I had that money in a savings account, I would totally use it. This way – out of sight, out of mind πŸ™‚

    Other another note – tattoo… WOOHOO!!!! Looks freaking amazing too! I love it. Tattoos are such a personal thing and my point of view is that if you are not 100% sure about the design or placement, then don’t get it it at all. My latest one didn’t work where I really wanted to have it but after some playing around with stencisl, the tattooist put it in a different place and I ended up loving it straight away. When you know, you know and I agree, if you had gotten one just to see if you were going to like it or know how painful it is, then you would have ended up with something you regretted instead of something as amazing that you actually got.

    The only problem I have with tattoos is that after I get one I really want to get another one.. they are so addictive!

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    • We are one in the same, aren’t we? πŸ˜€ My original idea for a tattoo didn’t work out either. I wanted a lyric from one of my favorite songs on the inside of my finger, but the artist said that my finger was too short and/or the lyric was too long (though it was only 3 words). It broke my heart since I had been thinking about it for so long, but I’m glad he was straight with me.

      Fella has told me many times that this won’t be my last because of how addicting they are, but because of the size of mine and how much I know it hurts, I think I’m good. But like he says, give it a year or two… we’ll see. πŸ™‚

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      • Hahaha yeah you’ll want more. I have several random small ones.. all with meanings of course but I’ve been thinking of getting the on on my shoulder covered & the piece would have to be quite large.. I know what I want but pain & money is a factor haha. Watch this space for both of us aye haha

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  2. This year is the first year that I’ve had to pay taxes instead of just getting a refund after I file. I get paid in cash so I was nervous about it. I set aside the amount my dad told me to (he has his own company) and by the end of it, I had a TON of money left over haha. It was pretty awesome – paid off a credit card in full, and the rest split about 50/50 between RRSP and treating myself to a birthday weekend. It’s been great.

    That tattoo is to DIE for! OMG it’s gorgeous and I love it!!

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  3. You’re so right about not going for something just to test your tolerance. Anything you add to you body for all time should be something you love. Your tat is beautiful. I’m such a fan of florals. And yes, your cool chick levels have definitely risen!

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  4. I love your tattoo! I really like the idea of paying in extra so you can treat yourself and make tax season a fun time, and you’re absolutely right – getting money is way better than owing money!


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