Bridal Banter

We’re in the home stretch!

We have just under 6 weeks until the wedding, and I’m not sure I could be any more excited than I am now.

So what am I up to at this stage in the planning process?

I’m still working on some signage, particularly the bar menu and the sign to be displayed next to our wedding favors.

I also found out that I will have to make/buy the pieces I want on my cake table which is kind of a pain in the ass. I have a particular look I’m going for, so I’m happy that I will be able to get what I want, but it also means that I will have to remember to take whatever I bring with me at the end of the reception. It would have been easier if the caterer could provide the set up (as they will be providing the dessert), but their idea of a cupcake arrangement is to set up cardboard boxes, cover them in a white sheet, and arrange cupcakes on top. That may work for some brides… BUT NOT THIS ONE!

I’ve also been working on my vows…

Who knew writing your own vows was so difficult!? I mean, I know I’m just supposed to make a bunch of promises and tell Fella how much I love him, but I want it to be perfect and to say everything in an eloquent manner, but you guys… that shit’s hard! I think I’ve changed my vows about 10 times now, so what I have now will probably not last until the day of. Does anyone have any tips/tricks to writing your vows? I’m tempted to just do a mad lib. Do they make wedding vow mad libs? If not, maybe I should!

I’m rambling now…

Not only am I super excited about the wedding, but right after WE’RE GOING TO BELIZE!! It’s not that I’m forgetting the honeymoon; it’s just getting overshadowed by my big day. It’s like a surprise that keeps surprising me. My thought process: I’m so excited about my wedding!! I get to see my friends and family all in one place. I’m gonna look so pretty. The food is gonna be amazing. The ceremony is going to be all romantic and shit. The reception is going to be so much fun. The bonfire is literally going to be lit. The day will be so short and fly by and when it’s over, I’m gonna be so sad, but then I’ll realize I have a husband and then… I”M GOING TO BELIZE!!!

Ya’ll, I’ve never been anywhere tropical, like ever! I’m somewhat nervous about my pasty-ass self getting a sunburn on the first day and being miserable for the rest of the trip, but ya girl is an avid sunscreen wearer. Like I wear the shit every. single. day. It’s like I’ve been training for this trip my whole life!

Alright. Imma stop. This post is going somewhere strange.

Happy Monday my lovelies!

9 thoughts on “Bridal Banter

  1. I’m sure your wedding will be beautiful and lovely, and you’ll be beautiful and lovely!! But the caterer really suggested cardboard boxes??? Wtf!!
    PS. Have fun in Belize!! ❤️

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  2. This is so exciting, I’m a little behind! It seems like it’s almost here and everything is coming along beautifully! BELIZE?! WhAttttt!? Amazing! And I wish we would have written vows. That wasn’t gonna happen, we are both way too Awkward! lol. I hope everything goes smoothly girl. It goes by SO quickly! Also, BELIZEE!!!!?? Yas!!!

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    • 10 days to go!! I’m so excited! I’ve already started loosing sleep because I can’t stop thinking about it! 🙂 And yes, Belize! Sun, sand, fruity drinks, massages on the beach, zip lining, snorkeling, swimming with sharks… this trip is going to be phenomenal!

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