Party Like a Milkmaid

Last weekend was my bachelorette weekend. It was 3 full days devoted to celebrating me while spending time with 4 amazing women in my life: my mom, my aunt, and 2 of my girlfriends. We rented a local AirBnb that had a pool and spent morning, noon, and night swimming, laughing, eating, and boozing. Honestly, it was a perfect conclusion of my singledom as I now make the transition to becoming Mrs. Dr. Fella.

The house we rented was an old farmhouse. It had exposed wood beams running across the ceilings and original-to-the-house brick and hardwood floors. It was quite charming and oh-so peaceful.

It was not your typical bachelorette party (especially with my mom being there), but I wouldn’t have changed a thing… well, maybe just the 1 Cheesecake Factory cheesecake would have sufficed instead of the 3… we partied hard!

If you guys have been around for a while, then you know that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. If you’re new, let me explain… No, I’m not some extremely patriotic ‘pure-bred’ American that spends the day chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A” or wearing all flag attire. Basically, I like having no responsibilities to work or family and being able to do whatever the hell I like. Plus, fireworks. Fireworks are pretty awesome.


Topless ‘yakin? Nah, just avoiding tan lines for the wedding with a strapless top. 😉

This year’s July 4th, Fella and I woke up late and made blueberry waffles, ’cause ‘Merica! Then we loaded up the kayaks and headed to the river. Our house is literally surrounded on 3 sides by a big ass river that we frequent during the summer months. It’s kinda awesome. Our ‘yakin trip lasted about 3.5 hours and was pretty sweet! On our way down the river, we floated on by a park with a band playing, so it was kind of like sneaking into a concert. Yeah, we’re pretty much badasses. ‘Merica!

We saw a bunch of fish, a handful of turtles (<3), and a unicorn- it was a giant float… very unexpected and yet, still magical.


Pictured: Big Momma, Kevin Bacon, Prudence, and Bacon Bits 1-10.

After our afternoon of livin’ it up on the river, Fella and I headed over to my farmer friend’s farm to help corral some pigs to take to the butcher. She had a 700lb sow that refused to load, so she needed some assistance. She promised us some sausage if we were successful. Guess who’s getting farm raised, grass/produce fed sausage? Yay! Big Momma (the sow) gave us a bit of a challenge, but in the end, she climbed into the trailer by herself along with 4 other piggies being shipped off to market.

After hog herding, we stuck around the farm for a bit to help out with some of the other chores, including milking her cow Marigold! That’s right folks- I milked my first cow! While I was daydreaming about my possible future as a milkmaid, Fella was bottle feeding the calves, Poppy and Mable.

Excuse the double chin… that was the look a gave when I found out there would be homemade strawberry ice cream after the chores were finished. Be jealous! Except, the ice cream wasn’t ready when we were done, but I get to try some this weekend when we go over for a barbecue and some fireworks. ‘Merica!

As you can see, I had one of the best 4th of Julys in the history of 4th of Julys. Gosh, I love my life.

Also, 28 days to go until the wedding. Eeeeeekkk!

19 thoughts on “Party Like a Milkmaid

  1. Okay I couldn’t look too long at that picture of the pigs because honestly the idea of sending them off to get killed hurts my heart. I can’t help it. Pigs are so damn cute. BUT that looks like an AMAZING bachelorette! What an incredible weekend! I love it. I hope it was the best time. Until the next best time!

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  2. Both weekends sound AWESOME!! I would have had my Mum there too if we’d gone for the weekend!

    We’ve had random constant sunshine here that pool in the backyard would be AMAZING!!!
    I’m a farmers daughter so anything farming makes me smile, those calves though, so cute! Well Done on the milking!!

    Liked by 1 person

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