And Another Thing…


3 days, 22 hours, 16 minutes, and 17, 16, 15, 14…

What am I doing in the time leading up to my wedding? Well I’m currently at work typing up this post because it’s the second to last full day of work before my wedding… can anyone really expect a whole lot of progress out of me? I think not.

Tomorrow during work, I get to go on a bike ride with my boss, so that’s cool. But for real, my town is commencing a bike share program and since we work in the healthcare filed, my boss lady and I volunteered to be the faces of our office and set a good example (or some shit). I just like the fact that I won’t be sitting behind a desk for half a day. 🙂

Thursday is when Fella and I are hitting the road for the 4 hour journey to my hometown- where we’re getting hitched. Our rehearsal is Thursday night. I’m spending Friday doing last minute prep like getting my nails did, purchasing all the booze and soft drinks and making the centerpieces for the reception. Yeah. I’m that bride… we’ll see how that goes.

Our ceremony Saturday isn’t until the evening, so we’re going to have a casual brunch with our guests to introduce everyone. That way I won’t feel bad leaving the group to take pics with my new husband (!) right after the ceremony.

Everything is planned, vendors are paid, and we should have a decent turn out as far as our guest list is concerned. So why is it that I am just now starting to stress?

I’ve gone these whole 9 months without a care in the world (essentially), but now I’m starting to feel the pressure. What pressure you ask…? I HAVE NO FREAKIN’ IDEA!

That’s not true. It’s just that the little hiccups that seem to be popping up are completely out of my control and I hate it!

  1. It’s supposed to rain and my venue is in a garden. Yes, we have a backup plan which is to move everything into the on-site cottage. It’ll work, but it’s not ideal.
  2. A friend of mine just told me there is a possibility of her arriving late to the ceremony. Why does this bother me so much!?
  3. My makeup artist ‘forgot’ about my trial appointment, so hopefully she knows what she’s doing on the day of…

I’m very much the type that believes everything happens for a reason, but I suppose because I’m now looking at everything as a bride, I’m not as okay with that outlook anymore. It probably stems from some control issues if I’m being honest… or I’m just experiencing what is commonly referred to as Bridezilla-ness (mixed with a little bit of PMS).

Although I’m stressing, I’m still very much excited and I can’t wait to share my special day with my WP family. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be Mrs. Fella.

13 thoughts on “And Another Thing…

  1. GO ONNNNNNNNNNNN! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see photos! I’ve thrown in the towel almost completely and am contemplating getting a wedding planner (not J.Lo, unfortunately), so you are crushing it from where I’m sitting!

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    • Come over here and I’ll plan your wedding!! I’m no J.Lo, but IRL Fella is (different names of course, but the same initials). It’s pretty much the same, right!? 😀


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