Speaking of Accidents…

I was getting ready to respond to one of my good blogger friends, Sarah, about my previous car incidents I’ve been in (though nothing like I had witness just 2 weeks ago) and decided to just write a post about them, so here we are!

Before you become too concerned, as I explained it to her: “I’ve been in 2.5 kind of accidents.”My first accident happened in a parking lot at my college. I had just finished with my classes for the day and was heading to work. I got into my car, turned it on, and did a quick check before backing out. I noticed a car drive behind me, possibly looking for a space to park. Once they got a ways away, I began to back up. I was about halfway out of my spot when I noticed the same car that had just passed me was stopped about 20ft. away. Odd… I continued backing then noticed the other cars’ reverse lights come on and the car coming towards me. I honked my horn expecting the driver to stop, but they didn’t. I panicked and put my car in drive, hoping to be able to slide back into my parking space without getting hit, but I wasn’t fast enough. The car backed right into my front left fender (over my wheel) and part of my driver door.

The driver of the car pulled forward just enough to give me room to exit my car, and got out; she was on her phone…

_IMG_20180501_170139 (1)

My itty bitty Miata named Snoopy. He was all of 4ft tall.

I went to open my door to assess the damage and ask the girl da fuq, but my door wouldn’t open. She hit me at such an angle that my door was lodged into the fender. Great! I had to climb out of the passenger door, which was a lot more of a challenge than you would think as I was driving a Mazda Miata and it was a manual, so I had to climb over the gear shift. I’m small, but not that small!

Once out I went and looked at the damage… yup, she hit my car. Yup, there’s a big ‘ol dent. I look over at her car… NOTHING! Not even a damn scratch!!

I started fuming. She eventually got off the phone, and I asked if she had insurance. She did (thank you Jeebus!). I asked her when the cops would show, assuming she had called to let them know what happened. She didn’t call police; she was on the phone with her mother… even while she hit me! Since the college was a state school, hence we were on state property, we had to wait for a state trooper to arrive. An hour and a half later (!), the officer arrive and began taking statements. Hers: I didn’t see her at all. Mine: yada, yada, yada, honked my horn, blah, blah, blah, she was on her phone the whole time…

The result: I GOT TICKETED FOR OBSTRUCTING TRAFFIC BECAUSE SHE HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY!!! And since this was my fault her insurance would not be held responsible for covering damages, and since I only had liability coverage, neither would mine! Talk about an angry redhead!!

We (meaning my dad and I) were able to pop the fender back out, but the door was a goner. Dad ordered me a replacement and installed it himself. Just like new, except the door he got was not white like the rest of the car, it was black. Really dad!?

The next accident happened on Christmas Eve… I was driving home (same car) after spending the evening with my boyfriend’s family. It was nearing midnight and I was jammin’ out to Trans Siberian Orchestra (as one does…). The route between the 2 houses was very backwoodsy; there were cow fields and empty corn fields that lined the roads and it wasn’t out of the ordinary for critters to be seen crossing the roadway.

Up ahead I saw some movement in the road, so I slowed down. There was a deer standing in the middle of the road. As I drove up to it, it just stayed put. Usually when a car got too close, deer would typically cross the road to safety- not this one. I came to a stop and began imagining the deer to be one of Santa’s lost reindeer, anxiously wandering about trying to find his way back to help deliver presents to all the boys and girls around the world.

Next thing I knew, there was a flick of movement to my right. Two deer came bounding across a cow pasture, jumped the fence, and started across the road at full speed. I thought, “How nice… this deer in front of me was just making it safe for it’s friends to cross the road without getting hit.” And then BANG! 


The deer fell to the ground following impact, wobbled it’s way back to it’s hooves, then took off. The deer that was holding up traffic (i.e. me) slowly made it’s way across the road and disappeared into the bushes. You’ve got to be kidding me. 

I got home before getting out to assess the damage. Sure enough, Dasher left a big ‘ol dent, this time in my passenger side fender, but he missed the door, so the door was still functional. Yay… I went inside and told dad what happened- he laughed. And that was that.

Lastly, my half an accident… I don’t really consider it an accident since there was no damage, but it could have ended disastrously. Again, I was on my way home from visiting my boyfriend late at night. I was on a 2 lane highway about 2 miles from home when my contact started irritating my eye. I rubbed my eye a bit to get my tear ducts to water, hoping that would do the trick until I got home. Instead, my contact folded onto itself while in my eye. If you’ve never experience this sensation, imagine taking a sharp object and digging it under your eye lid and blinking uncontrollably. As I frantically tried to relieve my eye and shift my contact (while driving 60mph…), my car began drifting off the road into the ditch.

The uncut grass and roadside debris started whipping the underside of the car alerting me. I panicked and turned my wheel to left a bit harder than I intended, resulting in my car spinning out of control in the middle of the highway. After completing 3, maybe 4, wholly ungraceful and rushed pirouettes, I came to a stop in the middle of the road. My engine had stalled and the smell of burnt rubber started filling the air. I sat there for a moment trying to wrap my head around what had just happened before turning on the car and making the final bit of driving back home. Luckily there weren’t any cars around that could have gotten caught in the throws of my car’s instantaneous break-dance or there could have been some serious injuries.

I got home and began picking grass out of my fenders; disposing of the evidence into the nearby woods. I went inside, told my dad (who always waited up for me) goodnight and headed to bed without a word. To this day, he still doesn’t know that I spun out in the Miata. I did tell mom though. We were heading into town one day and I pointed out the skid marks on the road and told her that I had made them. I’m pretty sure she was impressed.

Have you guys ever been in an accident? Was it your fault? I’m not the only one, right??

21 thoughts on “Speaking of Accidents…

  1. The deer story… Hahahaha- that was actually pretty funny how it ran into the side of your car. I swear those little bastards like to set people up. I have almost hit so many in the town I live in…. lots of near misses. One raced me about six weeks ago around lunchtime! LUNCHTIME on a busy street! He was running straight for my car and at the last second turned and started racing me.

    That chick on her phone? Where I live in Canada she would have been the one given a ticket for distracted driving. No phones are allowed to be used unless it is hands-free.

    I have been in a few car accidents- but only one where I was driving. I was stopped at a red light next to a school and a man drove his truck into the back of the SUV I was driving (it wasn’t even my car- I had borrowed my parents!) I was in my pajamas and it happened at a busy intersection- cops showed up and charged the man with careless driving, speeding and a few other things. I had whiplash and my infant daughter was secure in her car seat- but thank God no one was hurt. There were a lot of high school students around. I was in a rollover accident once too when I was in high school… but that was a friend of mine driving. We were all lucky to walk away with only minor injuries. Had we rolled once more we would have been wrapped around a tree.

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    • Yeah. We have some deer around our hood that don’t seem to give a crap about cars… or people… or dogs… I think they’ve mutated.

      I was certain the girl would be at fault for backing into my car. I mean, come on!

      You’ve been in a flipped car!? That’s terrifying! Did it take you a while to be able to get back on the road? I feel like I would have been quite shaken after that.

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      • Yeah- it was a long time ago. Over 20 years now. I was 17 and there were five of us in the car on the way to school. My friend hit black ice and lost control of the car, we spun, hit a deep ditch and rolled a few times before landing upright next to a tree. I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt *cringe* and what saved my life was all the backpacks on our laps and the fact there were three people in the backseat when the car only fit two. The police said had I not been in the middle the injuries to the other two may have been that much worse. The car was totaled. I had a concussion, whiplash and cuts but we survived. I learned never to ride in a car without a seatbelt…. and I still have a fear of small cars and small cars with hatchbacks- so in the winter I only drive large SUVs.

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  2. The phone one makes no sense! Is it not illegal to drive with a phone?

    I got in an accident last week…but this one was a car hitting me on my bike. Luckily I saw him trying to run me over so I had time to break/didn’t get hit quite as hard. Still, it ruined my bike and left me with a lot of bruises!! 😦

    It makes me more scared for my commute as there isn’t much you can do as a cyclist if a car decides to turn and run you over when it’s not safe(!) He told me he couldn’t see me due to the glare of the sun, but he wasn’t wearing sunglasses. It seemed like a pretty poor excuse to me while I was bleeding!!

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  3. Ok #1 – da fuq alright!! That is bloody insane. This is why it is illegal to use phones when driving here (not sure if it is the same in the States) – not that it stops some people to be honest.

    #2 – hahahaha.. yeah that one made me giggle

    #3 – thank goodness that there were no other cars around but yay being able to point out the scene of the incident

    I’ve had two where the cars were damaged – one was the day Bill Clinton visited Christchurch back when he was President. I was driving on a 2 lane road when the light changed to orange but it had been raining, and I was only about a metre from the lights so it wasn’t safe for me to stop – I would have skidded – so I kept going. A car that was turning decided to go too and went into the front on the drivers side. Found out they were from a small town in NZ and when I got home to tell dad, his response was “It’s ok, they don’t have lights there”.. haha I was expecting a different reaction to be honest.

    2nd one was only two weeks after I got my brand new car in May this year. I was in the left lane and a man in a semi trailer truck decided he wanted to be in the same lane at the same time and I got a massive dent in the drivers side door – scared the bejesus out of me. Got his details but the insurance company couldn’t contact him so I ended up paying the excess when it wasn’t my fault, so yeah I know how much that stings! After I got back in the car, I cried all the way home coz of the shock.

    Why do we drive again?!?!

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