My Wedding Eve

This post is for those of you who want the low-down on the not-so-great events leading up to my wedding day.

The Friday before the big day, I spent the day with my mom running around doing last minute wedding prep: getting our nails done, searching for bubbles, finding the perfect birthday cupcake for one of our guests, and picking up the flowers I would use to make my centerpieces. Nothing about the day was supposed to be stressful… 

Due to the combination of poor communication between me and my nail tech and said nail tech hijacking my appointment once she found out I was getting married, I ended up leaving the nail salon with Pepto Bismol pink nails.

“Very girly- exactly what [a] bride need[s] on [her] wedding day.”

– my nail tech

I had requested a nude pink. It was very obvious the lady didn’t know what she was doing as she applied 7 layers to my nails causing them to look as if I were participating in one of those 100 layers of polish challenges. I’m the type who is too polite to say, “No, that’s not what I want,” or simply just walk out, so the end result was overly thick, bright pink nails.

After receiving encouraging words from my mom and my aunt that they weren’t that bad, I figured I would just get over it… Yeah, that didn’t happen. That evening I went to the store and purchased a cheap bottle of lavender polish to tone down the pink. There was no way I could change the brightness with a lighter pink nor do any harm with adding another layer, so thick purple nails it was. I was pleased with my work and felt the crisis had been averted.

But by that point I was dealing with another situation that originally had me absolutely furious. Call it a moment of Bridezilla-esque-ness if you will…

Let me give you the back story: I had called a florist earlier in the week to order my flowers. On the phone I asked the woman for quotes on 3 types of flowers: lavender colored roses, baby’s breath, and seeded eucalyptus. She called later that day and gave me a quote for lavender- not lavender roses. After correcting her and asking for lavender colored roses, I placed my order. I should have been a bit weary of this woman’s ability at ordering the flowers I wanted at this point…

KoriPrice 2018-08-04_024

Does that look like lavender to you!?

When I arrived at the flower shop, the owner greeted me with congratulations over my upcoming nuptials and said that she had received some beautiful purple roses for me. She comes out of her walk-in fridge carrying hot pink roses. What the hell was I supposed to do with hot pink roses!? My wedding colors were lavender and dusty blue and I know lavender roses exist because I used to be a florist!

I was livid. Mom and I started calling other florists in the area looking for lavender roses, but no one had them in stock and it was too short notice to order some. I wanted to cry. What calmed me down (ironically) was arranging the the flowers for my centerpieces. By the time I was finished, it occurred to me that my venue was in a garden with many different colored flowers, so the hot pink roses wouldn’t stick out too bad; it still wasn’t what I wanted, but it wouldn’t ruin the day.

Fast forward to midnight… I’m an in-bed-by-9 kind of gal, so being up at midnight, especially the night before my wedding, was not ideal. Fella and I were staying at my aunt’s house (’cause fuck tradition!) along with some friends who had just come in from out of town. I had squeezed in a 2 hour nap and woke up just after 12AM when they arrived. We all hung out catching up over drinks- well I wasn’t drinking, but the rest of them were and they were drinking the hard stuff. I decided to turn in at 4AM. Fella woke me up as he was heading to bed at 7AM (the day of our wedding!) drunk as a skunk!

He fell right to sleep and began sleep-talking almost instantly (a routine I’ve come to expect of him after drinking so heavily). I couldn’t fall back to sleep next to him, so I made my way out to the couch in the living room. Once I laid down, I became nauseous. I knew it was from nerves, but I didn’t understand why because I was excited- not nervous.

The drunkards woke up around noon with headaches and headed out for some hangover food while I stayed at the house and helped my aunt prep for the bonfire we were having there after the reception. I found that if I stayed busy, my nausea would disappear, so that’s exactly what I did: I stayed busy.

Even when I got to the venue and my day-of coordinators told me to go “take it easy- it’s your special day,” I was running around like a mad woman trying not to let the nausea get the better of me.

So as you can tell, it’s not how I had imagined spending the last few hours as a single gal, but everything worked out for the best and now I have some funny stories to tell. 🙂

By the way… my cover photo for this post is the shot my photographer captured after I fell while Fella and I were posing. Yup. You can stick me in a wedding gown and I will still be just as clumsy as ever.

32 thoughts on “My Wedding Eve

  1. Oh goodness! As someone who loves getting her nails done, and doing nails, your experience enrages me! GAH! But I’m also not the type of person to say something or walk out in the middle (I literally had a lady’s butt in my face last night cos I was sitting on the ground watching one of my kidlets play soccer and she stood right in front of me. For like 2 minutes. Butt in my face) But I’m glad that eventually everything worked out – I’m sorry it had to be such a stressful day for you!

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  2. Congratulations! I love the photo of you laying on the ground! I mean. it’s just more *you* that a more formal pose. 🙂

    I’m sorry about the stresses. I couldn’t understand my emotions on our wedding day either. I mean I was excited, but it was just so much emotion, that I kept feeling nauseous and wanting to cry. It was all sooo much better after the ceremony when I got to see all our friends and family and just have a laugh.

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    • Exactly! I was so freaked, a friend of mine offered me one of her ‘chill’ pills. I considered taking it, but thought better of it. 😀 And thank you. I ended up on my back in a fit of giggles after falling (which is what you see in the picture).

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  3. Awe, you look so beautiful in the feathered image!! I can see the true joy in your smile. 😄

    I can’t believe the lady even said that she had the perfect purple flowers for you but still came out with the absolutely pink ones, what the hell?! They are beautiful though and I am glad you were able to make them work and same with the whole pink nails fiasco. ♡

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  4. Oh my gawd LMAO first of all (where to begin!) lol. I’m sorry you had disastrous little moments but I’m telling you I think it happens to all of us. The whole nail situation I feel like I go through that every single time I think I found a new nail tech! Like why do my nails have 65 nails of bubbly nail polish?! I don’t get it? Ugh. But even still, and even on the ground, you were a stunning bride and seem genuinely happy! If life was perfect it would be SO BORING! Congrats again!!

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  5. 7am! The day of! I would murder him in cold blood. Then again… if he was drinking until 7am the day of there’s no way the wedding would be able to go ahead because Scrubs’ hangovers are LEGENDARY.

    Glad everything worked out and the flowers look beautiful even if they’re not what you wanted!

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    • Fella rarely has hangovers (or at least hides them very well), so I wasn’t too freaked about it. I did request early on that he not get shit-faced the night of our wedding because I didn’t want to look back on the day and despise him, so I guess he figured he could get away with it the morning of!


  6. I spent the day before my wedding SOBBING because it was pouring rain. Like step outside for a second and get drenched pouring!
    In the words of my grandpa, if the rough things the day before your wedding are hard to handle, sweetie, you’re in for a rough life, this is just the beginning!
    So I mean, props on having your shit together for the rest of your life now. And congratulations on the wedding!!!

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  8. Oh my gosh, I just started reading this and I freaking love that you got a birthday cupcake for one of your guests! Is gift giving one of your top love languages?

    Ok, I’m going to try to finish this post before writing more now. 😛

    That is so cool that you used to be a florist! I bet you saw a million cool love stories at work every day. Those roses definitely didn’t look purple or lavender, but they were beautiful anyway! It sounds like y’all had a really special day. Congratulations again! ❤

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  9. I cannot believe the florist situation!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!? Sounds like you kept some composure though! and I’m all about the “cause fuck tradition! attitude. we’re thinking about staying in an air bnb before our wedding and everyone’s all pissed off about it, but like what the heck, why is it such a big deal?!? I love that picture of you! It’s absolutely stunning! you’d have no idea the way you spent the night before by looking at your face! looks like you’re having the best day and time ever!

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    • Yeah. If were to have had a break down leading up to the wedding, I’m pretty sure it would have been over the flowers. And honestly, if I would have been away from my soon-to-be husband that night because of tradition, I probably would have, but he was there to calm me down and tell me everything was going to be perfect. 🙂

      Honestly, do whatever is going to make you happy, especially the day/night before your wedding. You’re going to be stressed enough as is. And I’m sure just having Joey around will ease your mind.

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  10. Christ, I am mostly sorry about your nails. I can’t trust nail salons these days for the same reasons. I went to get them nude pink for an interview and just about the same thing happened 😬 I have gone back to doing my own nails and vow to only get them done for my wedding (whenever that is) lol

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