Some Catch-up with My Whys (Where I’ve Been)

And just like that, the wedding/honeymoon posts have come to an end. Now what do I blog about…?

Before I started planning the wedding, Fella and I bought a house and we started doing some updates like painting, furniture flipping and such. You wanna guess what I’ve been doing since returning from the honeymoon?

I bought a motorcycle!

I’ve also been doing stuff around the house as well, but- MOTORCYCLE!

No, I’m not going through some sort of quarter-life crisis. I actually grew up in a motorcycle gang with my parents. So yeah, I’ve always been a bad ass.

I suggested to Fella that we should take a motorcycle class together, so that when we eventually get our shit together and want to get a bike (that we could share), we would be set. Guess what happened…

We took the class and two weeks later, we EACH bought a motorcycle. That’s right. We now own 2 motorcycles aptly named Bonnie and Clyde. #CoupleGoals

Some other things we’ve been doing:

  • attended our first 2 concerts as man and wife: Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Joel. Sure, there’s a bit of difference between the two, but I like what I like.
  • went to a friend’s wedding where we were the token white couple. It was a cultural experience, that’s for DAMN sure, but we had a blast!
  • went to the Redskins (my team) v. Falcons (his team) game and… I don’t want to talk about it.
  • celebrated Fella’s birthday with a made-from-scratch oatmeal cookie cake with drizzled cream cheese icing (’cause I’m the best) and a much needed lazy day spent at home.

In the next week we have another wedding to attend, a possible day-trip to Washington, D.C., and Thanksgiving with the family.

When I get around to it, I’ll be posting before and afters of my recent furniture flips and house upgrades; I’m quite proud of them and can’t wait to share.

Until next time my friends…

29 thoughts on “Some Catch-up with My Whys (Where I’ve Been)

  1. What!? That’s super cool that you grew up in a motorcycle gang and now you your hubs both own one! & naming them Bonnie & Clyde really is #couplegoals. 😉

    The oatmeal cookie cake sounds amaaaazing!!! Seriously, what a lucky Fella!

    Can’t wait to see the house updates!

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  2. For godsake, you didn’t say WHAT KIND OF MOTORCYCLES YOU BOUGHT!! Yeah, I know – I can read “Yamaha” on the side there. But…which model? How many cc’s? What did the husband get?

    Jesus. Chicks!


    But hey, congrats on the whole nuptials/honeymoon/house thing! I can’t believe how much I missed while I was away. Wow, you are just KILLIN’ it! I wish you a very long, very happy marriage.

    And if you ever find yourself in northwest New Jersey, come riding with me and NewWifey(tm)!


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  4. I didn’t think that I could love you any more! That picture is FIRE! ❤ congratulations on ALL of the things. My other half does not know how to ride… so that kinda is a bummer because it is so fun! And special! Please keep safe out there ❤

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