Flipping for Books and Booze

A little over a year ago, I shared the desk makeover I did for Fella and alluded to a matching bookcase. And then wedding planning took over my life and the shelf slowly turned into a storage area in the garage…

The weekend we returned from the honeymoon, I started and finished the bookcase makeover; that’s how determined I was to get it done.


Before moving, we used this as our liquor cabinet. It worked for what we needed at the time, but it was kind of an eye sore. I couldn’t wait to take my sander to it and cover it in a fresh coat of paint and get rid of the hideous brass handles.


Once flipped, we moved it into the office to be used as it was originally intended; as a bookcase. But then we had a crazy amount of alcohol left over from the wedding, so now it’s a bookcase/liquor cabinet.


Not gonna lie, I like to just pop my head in every now and then to spy my handy work. So pretty. The desk chair was Fella’s big Christmas gift this year, but when it came, there was a picture of the chair on the outside of the box and Fella was the first one home that day, so… early Christmas present!

I still need to figure out wall decor for behind the desk. I’m thinking a large world map or a collage of pictures of places we’ve traveled to together. We’ll see…

Next up: an old dresser I’ve transformed into a tv consol (i.e. my favorite flip to date!). Stay tuned!

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