Next Time On The Real Housewives…

I tell people I’m a reality blogger because I don’t like the term “lifestyle blogger.” I don’t mean it in a “put things into the universe if you want them to come to be” type way. But lately it feels as though I’m living my own version of The Real Housewives. Not that I have drama in my life personally (thank you universe), but some of my friends are being put through the ringer.

I don’t have many friends, but the friends I do have are like family to me. I love them to death and will absolutely do anything for them.

You think I’m kidding…

I’m empathetic probably to an extreme. When someone I love feels wronged, I feel wronged. When someone I love is angry, I become angry. I’m the type of friend that will be there for you in your time of need and then after the fact beat myself up mentally because I feel like I didn’t do enough.

On this episode of The Real Housewives of BEXoxo, I offer to move a friend out of his house because he’s getting death threats from a drug dealer, I drive around strange neighborhoods and probe people on social media about a lost dog, and I accompany an enraged bestie on her trip to a local eatery to confront her husband’s lover.

Again, you think I’m kidding…

Way way way back at the beginning of my blogging career journey, I briefly wrote about Mr. Not-My-Type (and if you haven’t read that post, you probably should; it’s one of my all time most viewed). For those of you who haven’t and can’t be bothered to read that post, Mr. Not-My-Type is an ex boyfriend of mine. We dated in middle/high school, I broke his heart, he hated me, and then we became friends again in college. To this day he is my oldest friend and I cherish our bond immensely.

A couple years ago my friend got engaged to this less-than-perfect girl he’d been living with for awhile (I know, I have a knack for divulging many a detail…). I wasn’t her biggest fan because I knew my friend deserved better, which really wasn’t much of an ask seeing as this girl worked part-time at a Chinese food restaurant and refused to get a driver’s license so my friend had to be her chauffeur when he wasn’t attending school full-time or working his full-time AND part-time jobs. I’d like to say she had a winning personality, but I’d be lying. She was just not a nice person to be around.

A couple months before the supposed wedding date, I hadn’t received an invite (only a Save the Date), so I reached out asking for some details (rich coming from me, I know). The response to my “Hey friend! How goes it? How’s the wedding planning goin?” was “Well she cheated on me a couple of weeks ago and I walked in on it so no more planning.” Oh but it gets worse…

The guy she was cheating on him with was her drug dealer! My friend told his now ex that the dealer wasn’t allowed in the house until he had moved out which pissed off the druggie who then started making death threats to my friend saying he was going to bomb his house or arrange a drive-by shoot up.  My friend lives 5 hours away, but that didn’t matter. I offered to drive down there that day and help him move if he needed help. I was worried for his safety and wanted him out of there as soon as possible. Luckily he had help and got out of there in a matter of days.

Fast forward to 3 months ago, my friend sent me a picture of a sonogram with the caption, “So this happened.” He got a girl pregnant; a girl that he was supposed to bring as a date to my wedding a couple months prior, but didn’t. Oh but it gets worse…

She was MARRIED to another guy! At the time of conception, no. See, she is a trollop and was seeing my friend while she was seeing this other guy (neither of which knew). She had a shotgun wedding with the other guy because they were ‘in love’, come to find out she was pregnant with my friend’s baby. Now her new husband doesn’t want anything to do with her or the not-his-baby and demanded an annulment. And since my friend comes from a broken family and wants so much more for his offspring, he really wants things to work out for him and his baby mama, but she refuses to take off her wedding ring and continues to sleep with the not daddy any chance she can because ‘she loves him’ all the while LIVING with my friend.

All I gotta say to this girl (whom I’ve met once- at her baby shower) is: Honey, get your shit together. You’re a mother now. Stop being so God damn selfish and keep your ever lovin’ pants on.

Another friend of mine shared on Facebook right after Christmas that her 15 year old family dog ran away and was asking for people to keep an eye out for her. She lives near my place of work so for the next few days, before and after work I would take a couple extra minutes and cruise the neighborhood looking for this dog. Someone found the dog a couple days later and posted on Facebook that she had found her and was looking for the owners, but because the poor dog was scared and had been away from her family for so long, started having diarrhea on the lady’s carpet, so SHE LET THE DOG GO. Oh but it gets worse…

Come to find out on another of the Facebook posts that some lady knows who found the dog and that lady has decided to KEEP HER. This bitch stole my friend’s dog! I’ve gone full PI on Facebook trying to find this heartless piece of trash that decided to keep someone’s beloved family dog and break a 5 year old’s heart in the process. Who the hell does something like that!? There is currently a police investigation going on so hopefully my friend’s dog will be returned soon.

Finally, my work bestie. Hold on to your butts my dear readers; you’re in for one hell of a rodeo with this one.

I have a best friend at work which is rather convenient. Often times when we need to vent, we close the door to one of our offices, one or both have diarrhea of the mouth for a few minutes, then continue with our work day. Back at the beginning of December, my friend comes into my office, shuts the door, and announces that her husband of 10 years (father of her 3 young children) has asked for a divorce. Oh but it gets worse…

Turns out he’s gay. Now there is nothing wrong with being gay, but as a man, deciding to get married to a woman (and not tell her that you’ve been dating men for your entire adult life), have 3 kids with said woman, and then tell her, “Oh by the way, I’m gay and I don’t love you,” is not okay. Oh but… well you know.

My friend, who is feeling all the emotions at one time, then tells me that she found out that her husband has a boyfriend whom he met at Olive Garden. A few months back while my friend was out of town for work, her husband took the kids out to dinner. When the check came, he found a note from the waiter that read something to the effect of: “Give me a call if you wanna have some fun.” Classy…

She then told me that she was on her way to confront the homewrecker at Oliver Garden; she already called ahead and made sure he was there. Doing what any supportive best friend would (should) do, I offered to drive. No one wants a psychotic, emotional, potentially homicidal woman behind the wheel any day of the week.

She confronts the homewrecker who denies everything (with a deranged grin on his face might I add) and we get thrown out. Back in the car, my friend has another break down, tells me that the guy we just confronted identifies as a woman and pleads for me to explain to her how her husband decides not only to cheat on her with a man, but with a man who pretends to be a woman? Yeah, she’s mentally fucked by that one.

The weeks since everything came out (or you know, he came out), my friend has been venting to me about what he’s putting her through and my heart breaks for her a little more each time. And not just for her, but for her kids who are not dealing very well with their father leaving. Without sharing more of her story (’cause let me tell you folks, it’s a doozy), all I have to say is she is the last person on this earth that deserves to go through this. She has been through enough in her lifetime and the effects of this life event will be felt for a very long while.

It is at this time I would like to post a PSA: Under no circumstance are you to sleep with your drug dealer, knock up some strange woman who is obsessed over another man, steal someone’s fucking dog, or announce to your supposed life partner that you never loved them and that you will file for bankruptcy before paying any kind of alimony after committing adultery with a transgender almost-teenager.

This has been brought to you by The Real Housewife of BEXoxo.

35 thoughts on “Next Time On The Real Housewives…

    • Over the holidays while visiting with my mom, I filled her in on everything and she told me I’m not allowed to make any new friends since the only ones I attract have too much drama. 🙂 It’s taken a toll on me for sure, but hopefully 2019 will bring changes for the best for all involved.

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      • Lol awww solid mom advice! But don’t give up on humanity just yet. My new friends seem to bring drama too. I have a small number of long time friends and it seems anyone outside of them is full of drama-Rama and I just can’t deal

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  1. HOLY FREAKING COW. like literally, this is a reality tv show…I cannot even believe it! I feel so bad for all your friends! What terrible things to be going through! you’re such a great, loyal friend to be there no matter what for your friends!

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  2. “It is at this time I would like to post a PSA: Under no circumstance are you to sleep with your drug dealer, knock up some strange woman who is obsessed over another man, steal someone’s fucking dog, or announce to your supposed life partner that you never loved them and that you will file for bankruptcy before paying any kind of alimony after committing adultery with a transgender almost-teenager.”

    Well there goes my weekend plans!!

    On a serious note – holy freaking crap! If this were my friends it would be more like “my friend missed her train so I drove her the 45 minutes home” .. very exciting stuff!

    Hope your friends get through this horrid time they seem to be having!

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  3. Wow…I’m kinda’ just sitting here shocked that this happened to you and your not even living in Hollywood. Especially the mom of 3. Holy crap! I don’t even think I can wrap my head around that one. So is the waiter going to have a sex change? What a horrible human being she was married to. Did you guys scream at him in front of his tables? I hope he was stiffed that night by Olive Garden patrons.


    • I have no idea about the sex change part, but when we were there, she first asked to speak to the manager, then she asked for the manager to get the waiter to discuss a situation that had occurred at a previous visit. The meeting didn’t last too long; like I said, we were thrown out. The manager said it was a personal issue that needed to be handled not during his employees shift, so my friend said she would contact their corporate office to tell them that they have a waiter who is giving his number out to patrons and ripping apart families.


  4. I feel like I should be eating popcorn while reading this. You spilled some tea honey, and I love it! Well, I mean, I hate all the misery your friends are going through because they all need a hug and some chocolate but you gurl have a wonderful voice. You should think about writing a book that entails some of this stuff.

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  5. Bex! Wtf??! This is Insane!!! Also, that subscribed comment was meant for another blog girl, I’ve been following you for ages lol! We aren’t new to each other! Back to this insanity!! WOW! I’m sorry you’re friends are going through these thingsand also, you’re an amazing AMAZING fucking friend like AMAZING!!! You deserve a trophy, seriously. They’re so lucky to have you….I do hope all gets better for each of their story lines. Ugh. Awful.

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  6. I know it’s bad but I love reading about other people’s drama hahaha. I’m glad none of this mess is actually yours but you’re such a great friend trying to clean it all up for them. ♡

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