Adventure Is Out There!

I’ve made a recent realization that I’m an adventurer. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and participating in fun outings, but because those things didn’t happen very often for me (or so I thought…), I never considered myself worthy of the description. But after the past couple of weeks, I think I’ve earned the title.

Every year Fella and I like to plan a little getaway during Spring Break (he’s a professor). Sure, the typical Spring Break destinations are down south and filled with lots of sun and sand, but we had other plans in mind… snow!

I snowboard and he skis, but neither of us had done so out west. From personal experience, I’ve only ever really boarded on man-made fake snow, which honestly isn’t really snow–it’s more icy. It’s not the greatest terrain to ride, but it’s what we have in our area and after a while, you just get used to it. But last year during Spring Break, we had made a trip up north to a mountain that had the real stuff, and after a day spent cutting and gliding effortlessly in fresh powder, I wanted more.

After doing some research, we decided on Salt Lade City as our destination. We booked a fabulous AirBnb (highly recommend Jana’s place if you’re ever out that way) in downtown Salt Lake that was just minutes from the airport and a handful of ski resorts.

The overall trip was phenomenal, complete with 3 days spent on the mountains (one at Snowbird, two at Solitude), mostly decent weather (except for the last day where they were expecting 14 inches of snow in the mountains along with wind gusts up to 50mph), and good food from local restaurants.






20190324_1315297087113865778259310.jpgLast weekend, we finally had some decent weather at home, so Fella and I brought out Bonnie and Clyde (our motorcycles) for an afternoon ride out to a local waterfall. We also got to test out our fancy new helmets with bluetooth connection so we could talk to each other and listen to music; how cool!?


img_20190326_2003236369019893599628076.jpgYesterday was my birthday and though most of the day was spent like a typical Tuesday (at work), I decided I wanted to ring in year 27 with a bang–literally. Fella and I headed out to the shooting range to let out a few rounds with my 9 mil. aerosol pistol. We killed some paper and made some empty boxes and wood pieces jump around. And yes, I’m a pretty good shot. 😉

This weekend my friend and I are hitting the trails on horseback–I can’t wait to be back in the saddle after what has felt like the longest winter!

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