And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

Yesterday… the Mondayist of Mondays. I left work early because my boss took so much pity on me, and this streak just doesn’t seem to want to end.

Let me explain…

Yesterday: I woke up and got ready per usual. I knew my day at work was going to be a full one because I had spent all of last week working events out of the office (happy belated National Public Health Week ya’ll!). I was planning on spending my morning in my meeting then the afternoon playing catch up with missed phone calls and emails from the week before.

Fella and I were leaving at the same time like we always do, except this time I had to load a bunch of stuff to donate after work. He went on ahead–I finished loading the car. I got in and turned the key and my car wouldn’t start. It sounded like it wanted to start; the engine just wouldn’t roll over. So I grab my phone and called Fella to have him come back and get me.

No answer.

I called again… and again… and again.

Fuck. I guess I’m taking my motorcycle to work today… That’s fine, but they’re calling for some pretty bad storms come afternoon time. I’ll just stop at Walmart on my way to work and get a rain cover; no problem.

I switch the contents of my purse (wallet and lunch) into my backpack and grab my jacket and helmet. I get to Walmart, and push my kickstand down. Next thing I know, I’m leaning the bike over to dismount, but the bike keeps tilting. I try to prop it back up, but it was too late. My bike falls over and lands on my leg. Apparently my kickstand didn’t go down all the way like I thought it had. I hopped up (surprisingly fast in hindsight) and push my bike back up; my ego was bruised just about as bad as my leg.

I go in, find a rain cover and proceed to a self-checkout. I reach in my bag for my wallet and felt something cold and wet. I pull out my wallet and discover that my container of sour cream that I packed for my lunch has exploded.

Are you fucking kidding me!?

I started licking the sour cream off my wallet (like any normal person would) and notice myself in the security screen with the camera pointed directly at me. To the people who may come across that footage: I’m so sorry you had to witness that. I paid for the rain cover and headed to work.

I got to work, told my boss my tale of woes and she tells me to just go home. I told her I had to sit in on a meeting, but that I’d head home afterwards. Not only was that obviously for the best for my psyche, but my motorcycle was safely tucked away in the garage when the storms hit.

Later in the day, I text my car guy and tell him about my issues (my car issues that is). He said it sounded like a bad battery problem and that he’ll come by the following day and take a look.

Well today is the following day and I just got word that when he went to look at my car, he was able to start it right up with no issue and drive it to the end of our street and back.

What in the actual hell!? Has someone cursed me? Put some sort of voodoo hex on me? I know for damn sure this isn’t any kind of bad karma since in just this past week alone I’ve helped a stranger pick up his belongings from the middle of the road after some moving boxes flew out of his truck bed AND I stopped the bus I was driving (for those previously mentioned events) in the middle of the road to put out a fire with the fire extinguisher that was on board.

I’m doing good deeds left and right, so what gives!?

14 thoughts on “And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

  1. Aaaaaaaarrrrgh!! Seriously, that would be my reaction to all this. It sounds like you handled the craziness with grace!

    I hope Tuesday is going better for you!

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  2. Okay I don’t like the way your day went but I like that you brazened it out because honestly at the sour cream part I said “fuck this entire day” out loud and if I were you I would have gone straight home and hidden under the duvet until the next day for sure!

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  3. NOTHING ruins my day more than car issues lol once something goes wrong I’m riddled with anxiety about what I’m going to do now and how much am I going to have to pay to fix this and then the entire day just turns to shit lol I’m so sorry you had one of those days, hope it was just a fluke!

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