What’s In My Bag

I’m nosey. Not as nosey as most, but more nosey than some. I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m a reality tv fan, and why I don’t pay for television (because I would get nothing done).

Anyway… 2 of my blogging buddies recently posted about what’s in their purses and I was marvelously intrigued. If you’re also interested in other people’s personal belongings, here are Becky’s, Amanda’s, and now mine!

My purse is Christian something-or-other. I got it from a resell/vintage shop ’cause I liked the color. Fun fact: it’s the only purse I’ve ever owned that came with a dust bag.

Here are my purse essentials: sunglasses (with case-always), wallet, contact case to hold ibuprofen, hand lotion, 1 quarter ’cause you never know when you need one, a hair clip (my version of a fidget spinner), lip balm, gum, a couple hair ties ’cause summer, and my badge for work peaking up from the pocket.

In the cooler months I tend to carry larger purses so I can keep my gloves, hat, scarf, etc. when I’m not using them.

That’s it. Weird content? Yes. But I found joy from snooping through other peoples’ stuff, so maybe someone will find joy from mine.

Do you carry your life with you? Do you keep everything in one of those phone wallets? I I wanna see it all! Show me your things!!

7 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag

  1. So fun! Im so glad you did it! A contacts case for ibuprofen??Thats GENIUS! I need to do that, I don’t carry ibuprofen around because I don’t like carrying the whole bottle. I absolutely love your bag! That color is amazing!

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