A Letter III

My last post was me airing my grievances about an issue I was having at work and decided after reading your comments that yes, I needed to actually share my feelings about the situation with my boss. Since my best form of communication is writing (in case you didn’t know), I decided to write a letter. I’ve previously shared a letter to my ex and a letter to my to ex best friend, but this one’s different; this one I actually sent.

I’ve taken some time to process my thoughts after being told I will be moving offices. For three years I feel as though I’ve created a space that is a reflection of who I am and its central location was key to my pivotal role in the office. Though I have come to terms with the idea of moving, it is how this decision came about that I’m struggling with. You say that you want open communication among staff and leadership, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts.
I was not included in the discussion regarding the office reassignments. Though the decision for the change seems to have merit, I feel that I never had the opportunity to offer other factors that may not have been considered such as my proximity to the copy/fax/print/scan machine and my files. Now that I am being relocated away from the machine, I will no longer know when it requires prompt service. As far as accessing the files, the longer distance will merely be an inconvenience.
I feel as though I have been kicked out of my space. As a result of this situation, I can’t help but feel devalued as an employee and underappreciated. My responsibilities as an assistant are to support whomever, whenever, and I feel that I often go above and beyond in my capacity. Being told (not asked or consulted) to move in such an abrupt manner makes me feel like my contributions are insignificant and that I’m undeserving of a voice in a discussion that involves me directly. My thoughts and feelings on the subject were less of a valued employee and more like an afterthought; that the location of my office was more of a concern than I was.
Lastly, I feel disrespected. The fact that I was the last to know in a chain of office shuffling after nearly everyone else chose their new office is upsetting. I value my position here and the relationships that I have with our staff, but I can’t avoid the feeling of being taken advantage of.
Please know that I’m happy to be the adaptable employee and I do my best to be as accommodating as I can; all I ask for is equal consideration in decisions that affect me directly. I don’t expect a response or a reconsideration as a result of this letter. I simply wanted to share with you my feelings on the matter.


I left the letter on my boss’ desk early this morning before leaving to work an event. I returned from the event and sat down with my head honcho. She apologized profusely and told me that the way everything went down happened while she was on vacation after explicitly telling people not to talk or make decisions about the offices until she returned, which obviously did not happen. She even told me it was a good thing certain co-workers of mine are off today, because she’s fired up that this ordeal happened the way it did and that it made me feel the way I do. She said she never intend for me to find out the way I did.

She understands my thoughts and feelings on the matter and agrees that a situation like this in the future will hopefully be handled in a very different manner. I guess that’s all I could ask for, right…?

Whew… glad that’s over. So when I get all moved in and settled, you guys want to see my new office?

10 thoughts on “A Letter III

  1. I didn’t catch your last post but it definitely seems to me you did the right thing by writing this letter, you have every right to air you concerns and upsets and go you for doing so!

    I’m glad your boss apologised, it sounds to me like even she was thrown under the bus as her / your other coworkers didn’t listen to what she said about not doing anything whilst she was away!

    I’m glad everything seems to be resolved now. Here’s to a ton of happiness and success in the future!

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  2. So glad you took action! I just read your last post and then this – you are NOT overreacting. Any action at a company should be discussed with the employees first and their feelings should always be considered before making a decision – especially in a place with a high turn over rate.

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  4. The thing I found interesting about your letter is the understanding that the move may have made sense, the problem was that they treated you like you didn’t matter in making it. I think lots of places fall short in that regard.

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  5. Wow! What a professional letter! So proud of you for getting your feelings known. I am glad she apologized & hopefully, helped make you feel better about everything. ♡ Would def love to see your office when it’s ready!

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