Party Over Here!

Fella and I have officially completed 1 year of marriage. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that a year ago today I was enjoying my honeymoon in Belize. Take me back!

After a wedding there are 2 go-to questions on everyone’s minds: a) When are you having kids, and b) Has anything changed since getting married? (Or if you’re my slightly obnoxious aunt: where is my gosh darn thank you letter!?) As far as kids, that’s a hard pass; at least for now. But has anything changed in our relationship since our nuptials? No, not really. He’s still my best friend. He’s still a great dog daddy. He still contributes to

the household chores (which apparently can be a big ask for some husbands). He still talks in his sleep if he has some alcohol before bed. He still leaves his clothes laying on the floor next to the laundry basket. He’s still the one I want to share my exciting stories with and go on adventures with. I still look at him and smile.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary by taking a mini vacation to the beach. A friend of ours lives on the coast and was kind enough to let us take over his living room with our air mattress. This is the same friend whose birthday is the same day as our anniversary, so we spent this past weekend reminiscing about our amazing wedding and celebrating another trip around the sun for our friend.

We drove up to my parents’ to celebrate my brother’s birthday (another reason to party!) on Wednesday night and to drop the dogs off with their grandparents. πŸ™‚ Thursday morning we drove 3 hours to the beach. I was determined to not get sunburned on my first day of vacation, so I applied my 70 SPF every 20ish minutes (#redheadproblems). We went out to dinner with the friend then crashed for the night.

Friday was kind of dreary so we started the day at an arcade. We spent 2 hours and $50 at a ghetto version of Dave and Busters and had a blast. We ended up winning around 1300 tickets and traded them in for a pizza battery to charge your phone on the go, a set of giant bouncy balls to juggle with, and some candy. After the arcade we made our way to an indoor putt putt spot. This place was amazing! I would try and explain it, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Everything was painted with neon colors and the only lights were black lights which made the graphics 10x cooler. Plus golfers are given a set of 3D glasses to bring the scenery to life. It was easily the best putt putt I’ve ever played.

We ended Friday night with a minor league baseball game where I started a stadium-wide heckle. It was all I could ever ask from any sporting event. The home team won and I’m pretty sure it’s because of me. πŸ˜‰

Saturday we took our time getting up and went to brunch with the friend and his baby. We hung out in the afternoon at the house, then went out bowling with some new friends. Fella won the first game; I won the second. You know, just a couple of winners. πŸ™‚

Sunday (our anniversary) Fella and I decided to head back to the beach. Within the first few minutes of being there, we saw some crabs, a stingray, a school of fish, and a pod of dolphins breaching in the distance. It was too perfect! After baking in the sun and getting covered in sand, we headed back to the house, cleaned up, went out to the store to grab some things, and made our friend his birthday dinner. He said he eats out all the time, so having a home cooked meal was all he wanted. I made my chile lime salmon burgers with avocado aioli while Fella was in charge of sweet potato fries and pasta salad. We ended the night with birthday cupcakes and a sliver of our wedding cake from last year. Surprisingly, it was just as good!

Yesterday was my first day back to work from our long weekend. While I was minding my own, scrolling through WP, I received a notification that my blog just turned 3! How!? Has it really been 3 years since I started blogging? All I have to say is thank you. Writing is fun, but making friends from all over the world who also think writing is fun is pretty great.

13 thoughts on “Party Over Here!

  1. Happy belated anniversary!! Your trip sounds like perfection! And I am super jealous about that mini putt!! Lol now I want to find a place around here to go!

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  2. Happy anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been a year since the honeymoon post. β™‘ You guys can have kids whenever if you want or never if you don’t. That’s annoying that people keep asking, lol. I love what you said about how nothing has changed though, so sweet. β™‘

    The vacation sounds like a blast, how cool is that putt putt place! Thanks for sharing about your fun times with us! & I know I already said it, but happy blogiversary!

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