Getting Lost: An Art Form

I’m mainly speaking in the geographical sense…

It happens to the best of us. No, really! I’m blessed with an uncanny sense of direction; I have a 6th sense when it comes to figuring out my way and I’m rarely ever wrong. It helps to know that moss grows on the north side of whatever moss grows on (not that that tidbit of info helps in all situations)… Even when Fella and I traveled to England, I was still able to get us around without using our perpetually uncharged GPS. It’s a gift really.

Even with my non human-like sense of where I am at all time, I too get lost, and it’s been happening more and more. I think it inherently comes with the territory of being a traveler/adventurer, but whether it makes you a bad traveler/adventurer, I’m not sure.

There has really only ever been one time I was lost that I was slightly afraid for my life, but I was in good company and really the worst case scenario (excluding catastrophic events of course) would have been to spend the night in the woods . For some that would be terrifying, but for me, it would have just been cold and uncomfortable.

This past weekend was the first time the temperatures have dipped and it became the perfect motorcycle riding weather. It would have been bonkers to not take advantage. I looked up an interesting destination buried in the mountains of West Virginia that was only 1.5 hours one way, so we grabbed a quick lunch in town and hit the road.

We started off on a scenic road on the edge of town with century old farm houses and rolling hills on either side. We turned down a smaller, similarly aesthetically pleasing road, this time with more curves and less signs; perfect motorcycle road. Eventually the paved roads began to narrow and we wound up on a single lane gravel road–not the best terrain for a couple of cruisers.


Clyde & Bonnie, respectively

We bumped through divots and swerved around potholes for about 10 miles all the while taking some sharp switchbacks leading us up and over a mountain. We finally found pavement again within 5 miles of our destination. We followed the GPS to a turn-off that was going to take us straight to the overlook we were venturing to, but it was more gravel road and I wasn’t about to start with those shenanigans again. I suggested to Fella we park the bikes and finish the rest of the .7 miles on foot; he apathetically agreed.

And it was a good thing too! Around the first bend, we came across some potholes that would have swallowed our bikes. As it turned out, we made it onto some sort of service road that did not lead to the overlook we had traveled to see. We were then faced with 2 options: head further up the paved road with more switchbacks to search for a better place to park and most likely another partial hike to the actual overlook, or head back home taking a different, unknown route since we were both done riding on gravel.

We opted for the second option since we were already pretty tired, but that meant traveling the unknown roads of West Virginia with no cell service (i.e. no GPS). I picked the direction based on where we came from and a general sense of where we could be and led the way. Turns out the further down the road we went, the more confident I became of our actual whereabouts, and we ended up in the next town over from where we live. To reward myself on a job well done, we headed for some ice cream before making our way back home.

Sure, it would have been nice to see the views and snap some pics from the overlook, but it just means we’ll have to go out there again, but with a better understanding of the area and what roads to avoid. See… adventure leads to wisdom and I’m getting to be as wise as they come.

And speaking of adventures… sometimes you can have an adventure without even leaving the comforts of your own home, like when your house gets struck by lighting and tries to blow up your appliances. Oh, that didn’t happen to you..? That’s right. It happened to me! There was a bright flash followed by a loud pop, we lost power temporarily, our internet was no where to be found, and we no longer had hot water. We ended up having a technician come out and fix our internet at the same time a plumber was fixing our on-the-fritz water heater. It’s been a fun week so far, but I’m ready for things to be back to normal.

Until the next adventure my friends!

2 thoughts on “Getting Lost: An Art Form

  1. Phew! At least you were able to find your own way. I always feel lost & have the worst sense of direction.

    Oh my gosh! Whaaaat?! So scary your house got struck by lightning. 😭 I’m happy only your stuff was ruined & no one was hurt! ♡

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