Bloggers Are People Too (Who Knew!?)

I’ve made an immense amount of connections on WordPress and an awful lot of friends I might add; friends from all over the world, which I’m rather proud of. My favorite part of blogging has easily been the friendships I’ve made via comments, follows, and likes. I look forward to the remarks made on my posts (which have become sporadic- sorry) and interacting with people on theirs. For me, blogging isn’t about the numbers. Sure, it’s cool that 800+ people (supposedly) follow along and are curious about me and what I have to say, but in all honestly, the handful of followers that I have now, especially the ones who make an effort to interact with me, are enough.

One of my blogging compadres and I live considerably close to one another. I’ve had my blog for 3 years now, he was one of my first followers (who’s currently still active), and we’ve not even entertained the idea of meeting.

Until last week…

Aaron over at The Confusing Middle posted an apartment tour of his sweet new digs recently and in that post, he stated he had a rather large collection of records he wanted to be rid of. Me being a music lover, a free stuff lover, and jumping at the chance to meet my first ever blogger friend, I reached out. Turns out he lives a mere minutes from me (an hour and some minutes in traffic as I found out…). We talked schedules and agreed on a day and time to meet (!).

After buzzing some random chick in the wrong apartment (sorry Abby), Fella and I snuck into Aaron’s building and made our way to the practically internet famous apartment I had just toured via blog a few days before.

Aaron greeted us and invited us in like the perfect host. We hung around and chatted for a bit, myself in a weird mystical type trance over the fact that I was actually in the presence of someone I had met not only online (something that I’ve never done before), but someone I’ve considered a friend for 3+ years.

I would have loved to spend more time getting to know Aaron a bit more and swap blogging stories, but Fella and I were hungry and Aaron wasn’t feeling up for going out, so we said our goodbyes and left; Fella and I toting about 100lbs. worth of records (seriously, there are lots of records). We have kinda-sorta plans to meet again when all parties are in better health and I honestly can not wait.

Aaron & Me

Thanks for all the records Aaron! And thanks for being such a cool blogging friend. πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Bloggers Are People Too (Who Knew!?)

  1. Thanks for taking my records! I hope the ones you want to play work perfectly and the ones you want to decorate with give you something awesome to look at on the walls!

    How was Tuco’s? I’m still sorry I wasn’t feeling up to coming out with you guys. I hate how coughs linger forever.

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    • Tuco’s was yummy! They had a limited selection, but the food was good. I thumbed through the records yesterday and was giddy. There’s a good variety mixed in. Can’t wait to put them to use. πŸ™‚

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