Is It Just a Phase? (Oh God I Hope So…)

There are dozens, if not hundreds, but probably thousands of memes dedicated to a social interaction that nearly everyone has experienced at some point and instead of describing it to you, I will share some of those memes:

Well that was a fail. Apparently I suck at looking for ‘specific’ memes regarding awkward exchanges. How fitting. Guess I’ll be explaining it after all.

You know when you’re in a social situation and a stranger says something to you and you overthink in a matter of milliseconds and what you respond with either a) doesn’t make sense in context or b) isn’t even English..? Yeah. That happens to me…. a lot. Typically I make a fool of myself then I spend the rest of the day thinking about it, go to bed and forget it ever happened. Well I put myself through one of these awful exchanges last weekend and the embarrassment I feel on a daily basis as a result is ridiculous. Maybe if I share it here it will help me off-load the memory of how moronic I really am.

As an early birthday present for Fella, I took him (and my parents) to a local dinner theater preforming a tribute to Johnny Cash. I’ve never considered myself a fan of his per se, but Fella likes his music and my parents grew up listening to him, so I figured it would be an evening well spent and I was not wrong.

The actor that played Johnny was a young guy; close to my age if not a bit older and he was a looker. What can I say? I have a thing for strong jaw lines and dark hair.

At the end of the show as patrons were exiting the theater, the cast members were lined up outside in the lobby and were shaking hands with guests as they left. The first hands I shook were that of the women that portrayed the different women in Cash’s life. I told them how amazing their performances were and thanked them for a great show. Then it came to the not man himself: Johnny Cash.

I shook has hand and looked him in the eyes trying to figure out what to say. Before I had a moment to speak, he said, “Thanks for coming out this evening.” The less socially awkward person would reply with something like: “No, thank you!” or “It was a great show.” You know, an effortless exchanging of words…

Well not me! I responded with: “Thanks. You too.” I mean come on! That back and forth has been replaying in my mind over and over for days now. How am I that awkward?

Last time something like this happened I was at Walmart. I needed to ask a question about paint, so I walked down a couple aisles and found a man wearing a navy blue shirt. I asked him my question from the end of the aisle and his response: “I don’t work here.” I apologized and left the store. Yup. I dipped out without getting anything I needed because I was that mortified.

I’ve since shared my recent horror story with Fella and asked him if I were ever that inept around him before we started dating and he said he didn’t recall me fumbling with my words, but I did trip pretty regularly in the early months; enough to warrant him saving me a few occasions. One was even tripping while exiting an elevator and he legit caught me mid-fall in front of our colleagues. That was fun… not!

At this point I know I’m a walking hazard to myself and others, but that doesn’t mean it makes the experiences any easier. As I stated in a previous post:

Grace by definition, for me is:


… and I’ve come to terms with it.

This evidently goes for conversing with others as well. Even more so if I find them attractive.

19 thoughts on “Is It Just a Phase? (Oh God I Hope So…)

  1. Oh man!! that’s not too bad, at least you won’t have to see that actor again lol and it’s a natural response to be all “you too!” lol some of my students have started calling me mama or mom and while it’s totally embarrassing for them, like it’s super sweet that they feel secure and comfortable enough to let that slip. I did it once but when I was in GRADE FOUR! Omg that was sooooo horrible.

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    • But he was cuuuuuuttttteeee! That was supposed to be said in my high pitch squeaky voice… not sure it came across that way. I feel like that’s why it’s stayed with me-because of this weird primal instinct that I’ve lost any and all chances with this guy. Fella thinks it’s cute that I got so flustered around another guy which is lucky for me I guess…?

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  2. Once, in college, I passed by one of my professors walking on campus. I greeted him with a, “Hi, Dr. Crawford, how are you?” His response: “So far!” The friend who was with me and I still laugh about that sometimes.

    I have had occasion to say the wrong thing when a cashier finishes my transaction. They might say something like, “Thanks and come back soon!” But my brain was only prepared for the possibility that they would say, “Have a nice day!” So I automatically come back with, “You too!” Not the proper response to an invitation to shop there again. Of course that means I can never shop there again.

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    • It was just weird that I was fine with the ladies, but as soon as the cute boy was touching my hand, my mind went to mush. Good thing my husband thinks it’s an endearing quality of mine. 🙂

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      • Earlier this year, my wife and I saw Phoebe Waller-Bridge perform the stage show of “Fleabag” in New York. We both love her, both love the show, think she’s a genius. In the past, there’s one particular actor who, for whatever reason, when my wife meets him after a show, she has trouble speaking. She has had problems remembering her own name! Needless to say, I have teased her relentlessly about this.

        So, anyway, we see “Fleabag,” and I’m thinking that I’m going to say hello to her, tell her how great I think she is, pose for a picture with her … the works. When the time comes, I shake her hand, tell her it was a great show and then … just clam up. Words did not escape my mouth. I eventually backed away because there were other people waiting and it was about to become really awkward.

        Meanwhile, my wife chats her up, they hold hands … basically act like best buds. She continues to give me grief about this, and I absolutely deserve it! LOL

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  4. Wow, I totally understand this because it happens to me all the time. It wasn’t so bad before but I think it has gotten worse. Only thing for me that’s different is that it doesn’t matter if the person is attractive or not. I fumble at most interactions until I get to know the person. AWKWARD! And yes, I replay most conversations when I’m supposed to be sleeping. 🤫😤🤭

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  5. I do this all. the. time. I’m also hugely guilty of getting lost in thought about what the person is talking about and then not listening and not knowing how to respond. If you’ve ever watched scrubs, I’m totally a JD drifting off into daydreams kind of person. I also worked at a movie theater in high school and we would always say “enjoy your show!” and SO many people would say “you too!” and honestly it made my day, sometimes what’s awkward on your end is some comic relief for someone else lol

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  6. Lol oh Bex! Don’t be so hard on yourself, we all have done this. 😂 I am actually surprised you couldn’t find the memes, I know the exact ones you’re talking about!! I’m cracking up at the little ‘grace’ definition you made, too. I have said, “you too!” at so many wrong times. Don’t even sweat it. 💖

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