Tis’ the [Spooky] Season

Is it just me or does everything have a creepy vibe this time of year…? Weird sound coming from another part of the house? It’s a murderer trying to get it. Wind howling outside? It’s a someone from beyond the grave trying to contact you.

I blame it on horror movies.

Well I am here to tell you all (in case I stop posting and you never hear from me again) I think I have a stalker…

The other day at work I was walking down the hall on my way to the mail room. I turned a corner and noticed a coworker walking with someone I worked with a few years back. We quickly exchanged pleasantries as we passed heading in opposite directions and that was it. Then I got to thinking…

I first worked with this chick as her manager when I worked at a chain retail store when I first moved to the area. She was always a challenging employee to work with. Customer service wise she did okay, but as far as general store maintenance and housekeeping, she was the type that needed a lot of hand holding. When I ended up leaving, she was one of the few that reached out via social media to stay in touch.

A few years later she messaged me on Facebook and asked if I had worked at a certain place; that she was working at said place and was having issues with a coworker.  I had in fact worked at the local store she referenced. For the most part I liked my time there, but the pay was abysmal, so I didn’t stay long and ended up making the move to my current place of employment.

That being said, now this girl shows up and I find out she’s interviewing for an open position for the business I work for… does this strike anyone else as a bit strange? Out of all the hiring entities in the area… She’s following me around and it’s freaky! I don’t think I would mind so much if I actually liked working with her, but because I find her annoying and I know first hand that her work ethic sucks, it’s just plain creepy!

Is it just me? If I found out this chain of events in the middle of spring, would it come across just as weird and stalkery?

Just an aside: I did speak with our hiring manager and gave her my two cents on this girl and her lack of drive, so hopefully they won’t hire her, if anything to keep myself safe!

Also Happy Halloween to my favorite ghouls and gals!

5 thoughts on “Tis’ the [Spooky] Season

  1. It could be benign. Maybe she’s being lazy about researching companies to work for and figured the one you’re working for would do fine for her. Having said that, if you never mentioned to her where you worked, that would be creepy! Keep us posted if it starts to get weirder.

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