Is It Christmas Yet?

I’m not one to rush through life. I like to look forward to things coming up and make it an overall experience rather than enjoying one day or one week whether it’s a holiday or a vacation, but I’m kind of struggling guys. Because Thanksgiving is so late this year I’m having to put off getting into the Christmas spirit and I’m not about suppressing my (or anyone else’s) fa-la-la-la-la. In recent years my feelings towards all things Christmas leading up to December 25th were lackluster. Sure I decorated my house and bought Christmas presents. I even shared an absolutely daffy laughing fest with my mom in the middle of a store while perusing the holiday aisles last year. But looking back, I feel like I was going through the motions and not really experiencing the holidays properly. The music put me on edge. The limited edition foods and drinks felt uninspired. I just haven’t felt jolly.

Growing up, Christmas excitement always began right after Halloween. We went to a tree farm every year to cut down our own tree, but to ensure the perfect Christmas tree, my family would always go to the tree farm the weekend after Halloween to tag our tree. We would walk acres and acres looking for the best tree then tie a neon pink ribbon  with our last name on it. Then the first weekend of December, we would head back to the farm, cut down the tree, and bring it home. We did this every year since before I could walk until I moved out at the age of 19.

At the age of 9 I started band. I played the flute all through middle and high school and every year we had 2 major performances: a Christmas concert and a Spring concert. The thing most people don’t realize about being in school band is that they start rehearsing for their holiday programs in September/October. That’s almost 4 months worth of Charlie Brown Christmas, Sleigh Ride, Carol of the Bells, and the like; enough to make anyone go mad. As a result, I could no longer listen to holiday music without cringing. I turned to the more alternative groups like Trans Siberian Orchestra and Pentatonix, but even then the songs all seemed worn out.

During college I picked up a job working retail that continued for 5 years. Every year, as soon as summer was over Halloween and Christmas were ushered in simultaneously. I put up and decorated a dozen mini Christmas trees and half a dozen table-scapes right around the time back to school shopping was happening everywhere else. I would go home and shake enough glitter out of my clothes and shoes to fill a snow globe most nights.

If there were ever a contender to get burnt out from holiday cheer, I’d say: screw the participation award. Where’s my medal!?

But this year, due to the prolonged lead up to Thanksgiving, I’m craving Christmas. I’ve already asked Fella about putting up a tree and he told me not until after Thanksgiving, which is rich coming from a Brit who doesn’t even know the history of the holiday. If it were up to me the house would be decked out and I would be blaring my Pandora Christmas station 24/7, but no. I will secretly play my Christmas music in the car to and from work and browse holiday Pinterest boards and blogs until it’s my time to run a Christmas muck.

To be fair, I think most of my excitement this year is because Fella and I are heading to Philadelphia for 3 days before Christmas to take in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the holiday markets and festivities of the city. We did something similar a couple years ago when we went to New York City and we had a blast, so Philly, here we come!

I’m also beyond excited to give a gift to someone in my life that I’ve been sitting on since May of this year! I can’t give any details just yet in case the recipient is reading, but all I can say is this year’s gift giving is going to be epic!

Can I make it one more week before the Christmas cheer explodes out of me? I guess I’ll have to. 

16 thoughts on “Is It Christmas Yet?

  1. I love Christmas… I do. And I know when I say that, it sounds like someone trying to make an excuse because he’s secretly a pre-redemption Ebenezer Scrooge. I just have that tendency to feel the holiday burn out that you were talking about. For me, it usually kicks in a week or so prior to Christmas. Yesterday, when the local station officially began their all Christmas, all the time, my first thought was, “Great, I’m gonna hear the same eight songs by the same 12 artists over and over again and I’ll be sick of Christmas music by December 10.” Which is, sad to say, probably true. I can’t even claim that getting together with family is all that exciting for me. Well… to a point. I love the beginning of our evening together. I get to see cousins who live in different states, usually for the one time I get to see them in a year. We get to catch up on each other’s lives and we get to eat delicious food prepared by our grandmother because, no matter how old she gets or how difficult it is for her to continue preparing a seven course meal for a dozen people, she’s too stubborn to let anyone help. Which is fine… because no one can touch her macaroni and cheese. It’s after the meal that I begin to lose steam. I love my cousins’ kids. But I actively can’t stand sitting around while they take turns opening presents. Maybe part of that is because I don’t have kids of my own and so, for me, the magic just isn’t there. Also, gifts is not my love language. I’m not a fan of giving or receiving gifts. I always wind up seeing gifts as an obligation, which I know is a horrible thing to do, but it is what it is. Worse than the 2.5 hour gift unwrapping session is the sappy sentimentality that rears its head. Someone has to read a poem. Someone has to sing a song. Someone has to pull out the record player and make us all listen to some record that our parents used to listen to when they were the kids’ ages. I made the mistake once of making a sarcastic comment about this portion of our traditional Christmas evening and I’m pretty sure I hurt some feelings. So now I keep my mouth shut and suffer in silence. I’m really not a pre-redemption Scrooge. Or Grinch, for that matter. I think my deal is I’m just a single guy with no kids who gave up on the magic of Christmas somewhere in my early teens. Or maybe holidays just haven’t been the same since I lost my Dad. I know it’s been 13 years… but that void is always there. Sorry… I didn’t mean to turn your comments section into my own blog post. But I guess if I’d written this on my own blog, I’d risk one of the aforementioned family members reading it and, again, hurting feelings. That’ll be my new tradition. Whose heart can I break with scathing sarcasm each year?


    • Mi blog es su blog. Write away my friend. And I totally get that. I tried to make a suggestion of how to change a tradition one time just for the simple fact that the routine has gotten old and I was met with, “but this is how we’ve always done it.” I just sighed and walked away. And I definitely hurt my aunt’s feeling last year when I asked her why she has to ruin each dish with putting weird stuff in. She put mushrooms in the green beans, cheese in the mashed potatoes, and overloaded the stuffing with onions. Doesn’t sound terrible, but I wasn’t a fan and it ruined dinner for me. She’s the type that has to put her own spin on things regardless of other’s tastes.

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  2. I’m extremely anal about not starting Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving.

    I was also in band and choir in high school, and I literally just said “Oh yeah” to myself when you mentioned the rehearsals!

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  3. I’m right there with you!!! I cannot wait to start going TOTALLY over the top with Christmas stuff!! I’m having such a hard time not playing the Christmas radio stations!! Joey says Christmas starts after Thanksgiving too!!! So for me, I guess I’m happy to know I’ll soak up one more week of all things pumpkin and then come Friday morning, HELLO CHRISTMAS AND EVERYTHING PEPPERMINT!!!

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