Christmas Ain’t for the Weak

Last I left you all, I was antsy about getting Christmas started. I was chomping on the bit to dig out the decorations and set up a tree. I wanted 24/7 Christmas music and was ready for Thanksgiving to come to a close.

Well here we are. Four days after Thanksgiving. A perfect time for me to radiate that previously suppressed holiday excitement, except I’m not…

Yesterday Fella and I spent the day lugging Christmas decorations from storage and dispersing them accordingly around the house. Garlands here and there. Wreaths scattered on doors and shelves. Candles and vases. Presents, snowmen, stockings, lights. Everything except the tree.

Fella allows me the simple pleasure of picking out a real tree for Christmas every year just as I did when I was little, but it was raining yesterday and setting up a sopping wet tree really isn’t ideal, so we plan to go out one night this week after work and pick out the best tree to call ours.

But there has been an unforeseen circumstance I could not predict: my back gave out. Maybe it was from the excessive amounts of strung garlands (is 4 too many?), or the wreath I hung on the front door, or the garage door, or the mantle, or the shelf in the living room…? But it could very well have been from the placing of the snowmen or the door mat or the stockings. If you can’t tell I have no idea how I injured myself, but it happened and it’s not good.

I’m in such poor condition that everyone at the office were practically yelling at me to go home today. I stayed holed up in my office hunched over my computer in what I’m sure looked like a very uncomfortable manor, but it was the only position I could find that eased the discomfort. I finally left work when I started getting shots of pain in my abdomen.

So I guess you could say I Christmased so hard I hurt my back. Boy do I feel old.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Ain’t for the Weak

    • I’ve been keeping a hot water bottle on it while at home and icy hot patches while I’m at work and now I have a heat rash. Ibuprofen has helped but I’m not getting better. Prob going to the doctor tomorrow. 😩


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