A Cozy Winter Tag

I want to play too!

Cass tagged me to participate in this fun little blogging Q/A so here are my responses.

1. Green Christmas or White Christmas?

I’m guessing this is a ‘what would you prefer’ kind of question… I’m sad to say it, but I’ve never experienced a White Christmas, though I would much prefer my Christmases to be white.

2. Would you rather snuggle up with a blanket or go outside and play in the snow?

My version of ‘playing in the snow’ is snowboarding. If I’m not snowboarding, then I’m probably not playing in the snow and since I don’t have easy access to a ski lift where I live, I tend to opt for snuggling with a blanket and a couple of doggos. 🙂

3. How do you typically celebrate New Year’s?

New Year’s has never really been a thing for me… I shouldn’t say that. I had one amazing New Year’s that consisted of ice skating, playing Dance Dance Revolution for a few hours leading up to midnight, then watching the local ball drop on the rooftop of a Chinese food restaurant above a crowed downtown street with thousands of people screaming the countdown and being dipped and kissed at midnight. Never will I ever have a New Year’s quite like it, especially since I’m usually in bed by 10PM and passed out by 11PM.

4. Favorite winter food?

All things peppermint!

5. What is your favorite seasonal drink?

I don’t have a particular drink for the season, but I do drink more warm beverages during the colder months, so instead of iced tea and coffee, now I have hot tea and coffee.

6. How early do you decorate for Christmas?

I tend to wait until after Thanksgiving, but I found out this year that Fella has a hard rule of no Christmas decor until December 1st, so I guess that’s a thing…

7. Do you enjoy the cold weather or do you get anxious for spring to come?

I love the cold weather, but only when there’s snow or even the chance of snow. I tolerate it the rest of the time, but towards the end of the season, spring can’t get here soon enough.

8. Do you have any special holiday traditions?

Every year we spend Christmas morning with my parents and brother then drive to Grandma’s for Christmas lunch. While there, instead of the typical gift exchange, everyone gathers in the living room to pick a random present from under the tree to open. Each gift is a hodgepodge of items that Grandma carefully curated throughout the year. The only rule is that if you get something wearable, you have to put it on long enough to have a picture taken. Some of the items from years past include 6ft wide cherry red women’s panties, a cooking apron with the picture of a sexy snowman body wearing a bikini, eye glasses with springy eyeballs, and various plastic tiaras and headbands. The incentive to participate is that one of the presents contain a purple button. The person who gets the purple button gets a $50 gift card. I’ve yet to find the button… 😦

This year is the second year that Fella and I will be taking the train somewhere we’ve never been to explore for a few days before Christmas. We did this 2 years ago when we went to New York City and had a blast. This year we’re headed to Philadelphia and I’m so excited! It may be too early to determine, but I think doing a quick trip like these every other year could make for a fun tradition.

9. What is your idea of a perfect winter day?

Sleep in, eat a filling breakfast, hit the slopes late morning for a few hours of snowboarding with my Fella, picnic lunch, couple more runs up and down a mountain, then spending the rest of the day relaxing by a fire with a good show on tv, maybe some takeout for dinner if the energy can’t be found, or head out to a local eatery that we’ve never been to.

10. What’s the best part about winter?


11. What’s your favorite movie set in the winter season? (Not necessarily a

Christmas movie)

Non Christmas movie: Jack Frost. Christmas movie: The Santa Clause.

12. What do you hate about winter?

Shoveling snow. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a great workout, but when it’s a necessity, it takes away the fun.

10 thoughts on “A Cozy Winter Tag

  1. Hi Bex! Oh how I love reading these Christmas tags! I hope one day you can experience a white Christmas- definitely something magical about it! That New Years you described sounds like a wonderful memory ❤ I adore your family tradition!!! Sounds sooo fun- especially with the purple button- I have a feeling this is your year! Safe travels to Philly- you have great food scene to explore! The Santa Clause has always been my favorite Christmas movie too. Loved reading this. Merry Christmas, Bex!

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