Captain’s Log, Stardate Eleventy Tenteen

So I went on my cruise and came back to Armageddon. Cool, cool, cool.

I’m pretty sure I just heard gasps from all 4 of you that read my blog. Yes, in the midst of the growing pandemic, I went on a cruise; the cruise that I’ve been looking forward to for almost an entire year. To be fair, there were no restrictions on continuing with the cruise when we left, and because the cruise line was practically desperate for passengers, they even gave us $200 credit to use on board. They literally paid us to go on our cruise.

Now would I recommend cruising during a mass pandemic? Sure! Here’s why:

  • Free money–like I stated above, Carnival presented each cabin with a $200 credit for simply showing up. They also told us we could postpone our trip with no issues, but The Bahamas were calling my name something fierce.
  • Less people–our steward told us that our cruise was at half capacity. Sure there were lines and people everywhere you looked, but it was tolerable. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if the ship was at capacity.
  • Full service–because of the obvious hygiene concerns, no one was allowed to touch anything. Food at the buffet? Staff was there to serve you whatever you wanted. Self-serve ice cream machines? Not on this cruise! Every machine had it’s own attendant that served you ice cream and a smile. Questionably clean hands? There were staff members what seemed like every 20ft squirting sanitizer in your hands as well as automatic Purell machines sprinkled throughout and 3-in-1 hand sanitation stations that soaped, washed, and dried your hands within 1 minute. Just in case you didn’t know: the future is now.
  • Escape–as I’m sure you’re all aware, the mass hysteria is comical at this point. I consider myself very lucky to have had a break from the madness and quite enjoyed my time (for the most part) in The Bahamas.

Along with check-in and customs to board the cruise, everyone had their temperature read as a safety precaution as well as answering a slew of questions regarding recent travels and wellness. Couple the screening process and the very obvious priority of cleaning on board, I felt very safe.  Hell, I felt safer on the ship than I did stateside. I don’t think I’ve ever been so clean. Imagine being responsible for your own hygiene, then multiply that by 100; everyone was looking out for everyone else’s cleanliness including staff and other passengers.

So how was my first cruise experience? Rough. Turns out I get seasickness. In preparation for the cruise I bought seasickness patches and mom said she had seasickness pills. When I got on the ship, I put on my patch and hoped for the best. The first morning, I got out of bed and confined myself in the bathroom for 3 hours. Yay vacation! I popped on another patch, asked for some pills, and mom force-fed me a green apple (they supposedly help with seasickness; who knew!?). I spent the rest of the day in and out of naps.

Tuesday was spent much of the same: green apple for breakfast, pills, and lots of water to combat dehydration. I then developed a major headache, so I started taking meds for that too. Another 2 naps later and I was just as exhausted and decided to use my part of the $200 credit on seasick acupuncture. It seemed to have worked for the first 45 minutes, but then the ship started pitching like nothing I’ve experienced. I was bed bound again.

My brother presented some of his seasick pills and I jumped at the offer; anything to fight my nausea. And it worked! Turns out mom was drugging me (albeit unknowingly) with allergy medicine instead of seasickness medicine… I appreciated the catch up of sleep, but I was ready to actually start enjoying my vacation.

I also figured out that my horrendous headache was a symptom of caffeine withdraw; yay for addiction!

So how did I spend my days?

Day 1: Sea day–I was nauseous, but tried my best to power through. I took 2 naps and ventured out sparingly.

Day 2: Sea day–I was feeling the full force of nausea and had a splitting headache. Decided to give acupuncture a try and lo and behold it worked! We attended our first formal night for dinner and I was doing pretty good, until the ship decided it was time for the nautical version of the chicken walk. 

Day 3: With newfound drugs and a settled stomach, we headed out for our first island venture to Princess Cays. There wasn’t much to do but lay back with a book and enjoy the surroundings.

Day 4: The best day ever (minus my wedding of course)! We booked our only excursion of the trip for when we were at Nassau: dolphin encounter and private beach day. I got to pet a dolphin! We learned about the anatomy of Bottlenose Dolphins and practically played Mother May I by giving commands and watched Mickey (my new dolphin friend) perform obediently. This is definitely one of those pics or it didn’t happen situations, so:

Day 5: We were stationed at Freeport for a half day, but decided to take advantage of the limited crowd on board and hit the water slides. There were 2 slides. The first one resulted in Fella and I having to scoot ourselves down the entire tube, while my brother came shooting out like a rocket. The second slide had a drop-out bottom… yes, I hated the experience and yes, I did it twice.

Day 6: Sea day–since I found out the right concoction of meds to ease my sickness, having another full day out at sea didn’t bother me. Hallelujah!

Day 7: Homecoming–expecting a rigorous screening process to debark the ship complete with customs, baggage check, and health screening, we braced for an arduous process. What we got instead was “Are you who you were when you boarded the ship? Yes? Then get the hell out of here” (not in so many words). They didn’t even check our luggage!

And now…? I’m quarantined at home due to my recent travels which is a blessing and a curse–turns out I enjoy leaving the house and having an office to work from. But also, my birthday is on Thursday… maybe I’ll throw myself a blogging birthday party. You’re all invited! How hard can it be?

12 thoughts on “Captain’s Log, Stardate Eleventy Tenteen

  1. Yay!! I’m glad you were able to go and have fun! Sorry you had to come back to this insanity lol happy almost birthday! Mine is on the 15th. I might have to make myself a cake and eat it all by myself….ooo how will I ever manage?! Hehe

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  2. NO FREAKING WAY! I can’t believe you got sea sick! I’m so sorry!!! But I’m glad that Day 4 was able to turn the trip around for you! That dolphin is sooo cuteee!!! Let’s definitely throw a blogging birthday!! I’ll be sending you virtual hugs from this side of the internet FOR SURE!

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  3. Wow, I totally would have went on this cruise since it was all planned & everything already. It really sounds like cleanliness was a high priority, too. Yay! 🙂

    Sorry you had such bad seasickness though. I gotta admit I laughed a little about your mom feeding you allergy medicine at first. 😂 Do green apples help fight nausea, too, or just seasickness? That’s so interesting to know! & I get a bad headache if I don’t drink coffee all day, too. Yikes. 😝

    That’s amazing how close you were able to get to the dolphins! The one where he is kissing you on the cheek is so cute! & that’s so awesome he was obeying your commands!

    Oh my gosh, those slides that have drop out bottoms almost caused me a heart attack LOL I won’t even go on rollercoasters & such anymore after I tried one & I used to LOVE them.

    So sorry I am this freakin’ late for your birthday! Happy belated, Bex! ♡ Thank you for sharing your cruise trip with us!

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    • I’m not sure if the green apples were for nausea or specifically seasickness, but they did kind of help.

      Thanks for stopping by Hunida–you sure have been missed. ❤

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