A Message from a Front Line Blogger

I feel like a bad blogger since I don’t have any real desire to write, but I do have a good excuse I suppose; working the front lines during a pandemic is exhilarating exhausting (but also exhilarating)! I do have some pretty big updates though:

  • I’ve paid off my student loans! I’m 5 years and 11 months post-graduation and my FedLoan balance is officially $0.00. Yay for financial freedom!
  • I got a new car! Yeah, financial freedom was nice for the 2 days I was living debt free, but this was my plan all along; pay off student debt and finance a new car. I got a 2018 Nissan Murano midnight edition and his name is Chunk. I. Am. Smitten. 20200419_170738.jpg
  • Work is still just as busy. We’ve been testing twice a week and next week a government official will be stopping by to check out our set up so the rest of the state can mimic our drive-thru clinic which is kind of cool. Earlier this week we traveled to a new county to offer testing and were told via hundreds of messages on social media that we were not welcome and that there would be blockades and protesters. We showed up in the form of a motorcade with myself (driving the health department bus), 4 separate town/city police, 2 separate county sheriff, 1 state police officer, and 3 separate county emergency services trucks; we had no issue getting to our location or testing that day, but I did have to talk down a police officer after he was yelled at by one of our volunteers. That was fun–NOT! Have I mentioned how much peoples’ crazy is showing nowadays…?

Now, I will leave you with a myriad of looks this front liner has had while working in the wind, rain, and snow this past month.

How’s your pandemic going? Anything noteworthy happen to you recently?

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