Vacation- Full Stop

I finally had a break and it was glorious. I didn’t have to think about COVID. I didn’t have to deal with aggressive call center callers. I didn’t have to worry about stocking the health bus and running logistics for our test sites. We had a week of sleeping in, eating whatever we wanted, and getting maybe a little too much sun.

Fella and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this year with a trip to High Rock Lake in North Carolina and it was just what the doctor ordered. We stayed at this quaint little AirBnB guest house and had access to not only the property owners’ dock, but their veggie garden as well; how cool it that!?

Monday: We drove through a tropical storm to get to our vacation rental with pit stops at Ikea (our first time) and Steak ‘n Shake (milkshakes because priorities).

Tuesday: We enjoyed our anniversary by spending time by the lake reading and swimming. I gifted Fella this 2nd (cotton) anniversary gift that I made myself:


first time cross stitching!

Wednesday: We lazed around watching movies in the morning then drove out to Carrigan Farms which has an old rock quarry that the owners have turned into a swimming hole. We got to jump off a 30ft cliff into the water!

Thursday: We spent more time by the water. This time I taught Fella how to dive off the dock. He went from belly flopping to no splash diving in a couple of hours; I’m super proud of him.

Friday: We left our AirBnB to make our way home, but stopped at Kersey Valley for some ax throwing (Fella proved he could compete professionally with his mad skills) and an escape room (which we solved).

All in all, it was a wonderful ‘pandemic vacation’. I’ve been back to work this past week and boy was it hard coming back. Guess it’s time to start planning our next adventure–pandemic be damned!

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