I’ll Show You…

So about a year ago I was forced out of my office at work; it was abrupt and I didn’t react very well. I wrote a letter to my boss explaining how this change would affect me and accepted my fate.

What I didn’t include in that story was the fact that the same time I was told to pack up and move out, one of the bigger offices was already available. Now you’d think it would be as simple as me moving into the large, vacant office and that would be the end of it. Instead someone who had been with the company for a lot longer than myself decided she wanted the larger office and moved into it without discussing it with anyone… over the weekend. Shady as they come if you ask me.

This resulted in a domino effect with 2 other coworker following suit, ultimately leaving me with one of the smallest offices in the building.

Now you wanna hear something funny…?

The shady lady that moved into the larger office over the weekend has now decided that she would like to work out of one of our remote offices.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny.

But because I made such a stink a year ago about the office situation (more so about being kicked out of mine; not where I ended up), I was given first dibs on that office. I declined the offer and expressed my appreciation for the opportunity.

Since moving into my new office I have turned it into my own little oasis. I get compliments about my decorating style almost daily and it has even been used as the go-to backdrop for all television interviews throughout the pandemic; I might not be famous, but my office is. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some items of note:

  • I painted/reupholstered my guest chairs myself:
  • My magnetic board on the back of my hutch used to be a dry erase board; I just stuck some tissue paper to the back to dress it up.
  • All of my plants were some variation of gifts/leftovers I’ve accumulated over the years and I’m still terrified of killing them all.

It’s just now occurring to me… this is in no way meant to be a bragging post about how I still get to go into work while the rest of the world is working from home. If it comes across that way–oops! Since I work in the healthcare field and deal with COVID clinics (i.e. confidential patient information) I have to be in my office on a daily basis (so it’s a good thing that I like it so much).

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