In Record Time

I need to get something off my chest. I have a drafts folder that I have not peered into for over a year. I’m kind of ashamed, but as you all might have gathered from my previous post, I’ve been a little preoccupied. I typed up this post right after completing our project and only needed to add some pictures before hitting Publish, but that never happened and here we are. Hope you enjoy!

I’m a doer; I like to get things done. But I’m also a planner. I like to have a very detailed plan before I get started on a project, so from beginning to end, the timeline could drag out quite a bit depending on the task at hand–that’s just my style. For those that don’t know, one of my hobbies is flipping furniture and/or home improvement; anything I can do to add my touch to something, I’m all about it. And I think my passion has inspired Fella.

When we first moved into our house 3 summers ago we would talk about all the different projects we wanted to complete in order to make our house a home. This ranged anywhere from painting walls to installing new carpet; changing out light fixtures to adding fencing to the backyard. It started simple: I painted our front door. Then I flipped Fella’s desk and liquor cabinet. Then we took the plunge and painted the main living area upstairs: the kitchen, living room, dinning room, and hallway. And that was all the energy we had for painting.

After a brief hiatus I continued flipping some furniture pieces and eventually talked Fella into painting the master bedroom. We then realized how much we despise painting (again) and went on strike. Then Fella went on Winter Break…

He had about 6 weeks off from teaching and decided he was going to finally make a start on turning a large closet downstairs into his smoking room. He’s a cigar guy and wanted a place he could smoke in the house without stinkin’ up the place. We have a nice deck and even a screened in porch, but it can get pretty cold where we live and he doesn’t want to risk hypothermia just to enjoy a stogie in the winter months.

He hired a guy to come out and install an extractor fan; the same kind used in most bathrooms. Once that was taken care of he looked to me for design inspiration. I convinced him to paint the walls and ceiling black so the inevitable smoke stains wouldn’t show and he agreed. He then decided to lay some new laminate wood-look floor. I’m not kidding–he finished everything in a single weekend. I was impressed.

Once the space was painted and outfitted with the proper equipment to actually call it a smoking room, it was time for the fun part: decorating.

We built a floating shelf with some extra wood I had from previous projects to hold his smoking accoutrements, had a custom humidor built to our specifications (if we’re going to have a room dedicated to smoking cigars, we oughta do it right, right?), ordered some oversized leather club chairs and purchased some nesting tables. Then came the best part: the décor.

Aaron from the Confusing Middle had posted around this time about a collection of records he wasn’t sure what to do with and even hinting at donating them. I responded to his post saying I would love to acquire his collection and after my first (and only so far) encounter with a human I originally met on the internet, he graciously gave me his record collection. Well Aaron, here’s what we did with them and we could not be more happy with the outcome:

Now Fella has a kick-ass man cave complete with an amazing accent wall, a humidor fit for a king (did I mention it can hold 1,000 cigars…!?), and 2 big comfy leather chairs that complete the space oh so perfectly.

I love when Fella and I are talking with people and he lights up every time he gets to tell someone we have a smoking room in our house. The grand plan was to build a library behind the wall that houses the humidor so we could put in a hidden door that gives you access to the room, but since the space is so tight, we’re not sure it’s feasible. Maybe some day…

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