Making My Debut

If you blog long enough you find yourself apart of a strange online community; it’s only strange because everyone is super nice and you have support out the wazoo. And then people like Paul make a post pitting bloggers against one anther in a wacky but wonderful way, and up until this point I have remained a spectator. I have now donned my writers cap and am equipped with my rainbow backlit keyboard to participate in this round of Paul’s infamous quizzes.

The Captain’s Quiz 5: Golden Rings


1. The Fab Five were a group of all-freshmen starters for the 1991 Michigan men’s basketball team. What is something you immediately excelled at? Sports! Though I only participated in high school volleyball, any time I played a new sport I took to it like Seabiscuit to a racetrack. Often times in PE class my skills would warrant a teacher asking if I’d ever given any thought to participating in XYZ because I “had a knack” for XYZ. Some of the teams I was halfheartedly approached to participate in included basketball, lacrosse, cheer, and softball. I even took activities like dodge ball a tad too serious resulting in a knee injury that to this day gives me problems. Shifted kneecap anyone…?

2. One Direction was a boy band that eventually went in five directions. If you were in a five person band, would you be the first one to leave? Why or why not? I’m assuming the exit would be from sudden stardom of one bandmate in particular and with that caveat… I would definitely not be the first to leave. I’m not cut of the same material super stars are made of. I’m more of a perpetual backup musician; someone who cares more about the art than the fame. Fun fact: I was taught how to play the drums by a friend who’s dad was the drummer for a band that used to open for Styx. Okay… it may not be that fun of a fact, but I think it’s pretty cool.

3. Five Alive is a line of various fruit juice blends. Create a new drink and include any number (other than five) in its name. Tell me about the new drink. All Eight (Make It Great). As kids my brother and I would often times mix all of the flavors of soda from the fountain at whatever fast food restaurant we were at. There were often times 8 different options to choose from and no drink was ever the same because you never measured out your concoction; you just went with intuition. Now that we are of drinking age, maybe in the future we could add a shot of alcohol to make it great… 😉

4. In the mid-2000s, WWE Superstar John Cena had a weekly segment on called, “Five Questions With The Champ” where he answered fan questions. If you were to send a celebrity five questions, who would it be and what would you ask?

Dear Mrs. Clause:

  1. How do you feel to have your identity permanently linked to your husband to the point of not even having a first name; an indefinite supporting character if you will?
  2. Does it bother you how obsessed your husband is with children and children-like beings or that one of his many taglines is a derogatory synonym for a female with lose morals?
  3. Do you have a favorite reindeer and why is it Vixen?
  4. Did you choose the stay-at-home wife life or did the stay-at-home wife life chose you?
  5. Be honest–have you always fetishized large, burly men wearing furry red suits?

5. The San Francisco 49ers have won five Super Bowls, with their last one coming in 1995. What is something from 1995 that you wish we still had and/or did in 2021? Coincidentally my cousin recently posted on Facebook a flyer that listed how things used to be in 1995 that included things like the everyday cost of living. Gas prices were just over $1, the average cost of a house was $113,000, and movie tickets were under $5. Now that I’m an adult and I make my own monies, I would love to be able to fill up my gas tank for less than $20 and not avoid the movie theater in fear of having to remortgage my house (which might I add is worth every penny with or without inflation) to afford the ticket as well as a stop at the concession counter. Or maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. I was a mere toddler in 1995 and my parents paid for every want or need I had. Maybe that’s what I miss; having someone else paying…

6. When you type, “Where are the” into Google, what is the fifth autocomplete option? Where are the Maldives? What can I say… I like to search vacation destinations in my spare time.

7. The TV show, Breaking Bad, had five seasons. What is your favourite TV show and how many seasons does it have? This is such a hard question because I have a three-way tie for my favorite TV show. They are each different genres, so to say one is better than another is inconceivable, so I will have to respond with the show that I’ve watched the most: Gilmore Girls with 7 seasons + a bonus Netflix special with 4 episodes. My other favorites are House and Community.

8. The PlayStation 5 has experienced supply issues due to a chip shortage. What are your top five potato chip flavours?

  1. Lime & Cracked Pepper by Miss Vickie’s
  2. Prawn Cocktail by Walkers (UK)
  3. Cheddar & Sour Cream by Ruffles
  4. Southern Biscuits & Gravy by Lays (limited edition c. 2015)
  5. Salt & Vinegar by Lays

9. “Remember, remember, the 5th of November” is a line from the movie, V for Vendetta. What do you remember about November 5, 2021? Well it was 5 days before my husband’s birthday, so at some point that day I mentioned to him that I really wanted to give him his birthday presents and he told me I had to wait. He’s so mean to me!

10. How would you explain the “high five” hand gesture to someone who doesn’t know what it is? Alright. Get really excited. Get hyped. Now throw one of your hands in the air like you have a question for a teacher, but it’s not really a question about the curriculum, but instead you really, really, have to pee and you need his/her permission; channel that urgency. Now I’m going to do the same thing right in front of you at the exact same time and with both of our hands totally open, we shove them together in the air with the goal of making them clap–the louder the better. Experienced high fivers will use opposite hands and unspoken ques to optimize the process, thus ensuring a deafening clapping sound. Never refuse an invitation for a high five unless you have very good reason; this is considered poor high five etiquette.


1. If you could be five-years-old for the next 24 hours, what would you do? EAT ALL THE THINGS!! Since reaching adulthood I’ve found that certain foods cause certain ailments that once upon a time never occurred. Some things on the menu would include a slice of pepperoni pizza from local pizzeria, Benny Marzano’s (where their slices are as big as one’s noggin), 2 7eleven chilidogs, all the cookies, a hot chocolate with too many marshmallows, an entire box of Captain Crunch, a Dairy Queen banana split, totchos (nachos but with tater tots instead of tortilla chips) fully loaded–sans jalapenos, with avocado, a shot of Jack Daniels American Honey (to see if I was allergic to alcohol at that age too–purely for scientific research of course), and a half dozen Krispy Kreme original glaze crème filled doughnuts.

2. How many five-letter words can you type in two minutes? Do it, but don’t share the words with me. Your answer to this question will only be the number of words. 29

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20211102_075552.jpg3. Tell me the story behind the fifth photo in your phone (or camera, computer, photo album). My husband is from England and this year he became a U.S. citizen which means he was able to vote in his first ever U.S. election a couple weeks ago. I obviously had to capture the momentous occasion with a quick picture of him flashing his “I voted” sticker. Golly I love him! ❤


11 thoughts on “Making My Debut

  1. What a debut! Wow. Was a joy reading your well thought out answers. Thank you for making me feel bad that Mrs. Clause doesn’t have a first name. I’ll be thinking about it for the next two months. I’ll have more to say about your answers in my results post next week. Thanks for playing!

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  2. YAY The Bex has joined in!! Best of luck my darling xoxo I finished my post this evening and scheduled it for tomorrow so now I get the joy of reading everyone else’s posts! I never read them before so I’m not influenced and I’m too lazy to change and my of answers after it’s been scheduled haha

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