Adventures Followed by A Rude Awakening

I thought I saw my face on the side of a milk carton and thought it was a good time to pop in and say: I’ve not gone missing. I’m here… lurking.

I like to read other blog posts chronologically and because of my recent trip (!), I’ve had to go through a week’s worth of blogs and at that point, I feel like it’s a bit weird to start liking and commenting on such posts. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just how my brain works.

I have many an update, but no one update is enough for it’s own post, so I figured I’d just share a rundown of what’s been going on.


Just before Christmas the husband and I spent a couple days in D.C. with my cousin. I wanted a festive trip with ice skating, a visit to the Christmas Market, and searching for the prettiest Christmas tree, but ’twas not in the cards this time. We were able to stop by the Christmas Market in Downtown D.C., but it was kind of a flop and overcrowded, so we didn’t stay long.

Instead our trip was filled with escape rooms (we did 4; escaped 3) and some quality time with my cousin. We visited a brewery and spent time playing card games. It was relaxing and exactly what we needed just before the holidays.

A couple weeks back Fella and I took a short trip to Snowshoe, W.V. for some winter activities. I’m a snowboarder and he’s a skier and I find it slightly comical that when we’re discussing going _________ing I’m the one to say skiing and he’s the one to say snowboarding. It must be love…

We stayed at an AirBnB on the top of the mountain steps away from a lift which made life so much easier. Other than the obnoxiously loud neighbor above us (who at around 10pm one night sounded like he/she was washing a bowling ball in a metal bathtub), our stay was perfection. Some of our favorite things included the wood burning fireplace and the herd of deer that frequented the backyard in the evenings.

Our time on the mountain was much needed after a 2 year hiatus. Though it took some time getting back into the swing of things we both were able to go down a black diamond run together and I even got some air at one point!

I’m hitting a major milestone in birthdays this year and because it falls on a Saturday I figured I needed to make it a good one which is why for my 30th birthday this year I will be flying down to Daytona, FL to go skydiving with my middle school best friend. I’m so stoked! I’ve always wanted to go skydiving, but the stars have never aligned until now. Only 2 months to go!

Then at the end of June, Fella will be traveling to Minneapolis, MN for a work conference and since his work is paying his way, I just need to pay for a plane ticket and will be joining him for a mid-west adventure. Hitting up Mall of America is a must, but other than that who knows!?

No seriously. What is there to do in Minneapolis?

It occurred to me recently that my family and I haven’t been on a family vacation for 10 years and figured we had to do something about that. After a few group chat messages and one secured AirBnB, we will be heading to Nags Head, NC in July for a good old fashioned family vacation. We’re bringing the dogs (4 total) which will be a new adventure, but will be totally worth it for the memories.

Finally in August, Fella and I will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary while also celebrating a close friend’s 30th birthday. He has invited us to stay with him in Virginia Beach for a long weekend and who can say no to that kind of invitation?

The Rude Awakening

A nightmare literally happened to me last night.

I woke up to tickling in my ear… yeah it’s that kind of story. I understand if you’d prefer to just click off now.

I have my tragus pierced (that little nubby piece of tissue that is between the inside ear canal and the side of the face) and every so often the earring will tickle my inner ear hairs. I stuck my finger in my ear to move my earring and noticed that my finger wasn’t going into my ear. Then I felt it move…

Something crawled into my ear.

I’m not sure how I’m still alive to write this horrific memoire, but as you can guess I started freaking out. I contemplated what kind of creature it was, if I needed to wake my husband, the thought of egg laying occurred very briefly, would sticking my ear in water drown it out or drive it deeper, hospital…? As I laid in bed cycling through the many terrifying outcomes I felt the demonic ick slowly make it’s way out of my inner ear and onto the side of my face. I instantly wiped it off onto the bed, grabbed my phone to illuminate the intruder and found that it was a stink bug. I swatted the little devil across the room and made my way to the restroom to relieve myself; I’m shocked I didn’t piss the bed in the moment.

Why does this always happen to me!?

I survived and like many in my situation have forever been scarred by my experience. I will probably be sleeping with earplugs for the foreseeable future and advise everyone to do the same. Better safe than sorry!

Speaking of sorry: my apologies for the grotesque turn this post made. This is my life, you’re just here reading about it.


2 thoughts on “Adventures Followed by A Rude Awakening

  1. I like you, are around and lurking. I have actually started writing about 3 blog posts but just haven’t done anything with them. I really need to sort my life out. To be fair though, I am not sure how anyone wants to read about me going only 3 places – home, work, my nieces – although I do sometimes go to the supermarket car park to pick up my groceries, so there is that.

    Glad you didn’t become the stink bugs nest 🙂

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