Take It or No Leave


That’s a proper greeting after being dormant for months, right…?

You know how ‘writers’ can be… sometimes we have inspiration and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we can’t shut up, and sometimes we take a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. Do I need to explain myself? Probably not. But here I am. Here we are. Hello again. How are you??

Last time I posted, I shared my 30th birthday adventure and boy what an adventure! But it didn’t stop there. As a result of me working in public health during the past 2.5 years (just as a result of the past 2.5 years really), I was unable to use my vacation time, and not just that; I had accumulated so much vacation time that I was essentially threatened that if I didn’t take my leave, I would lose it. So that’s the thanks I get for working my ass off serving and protecting my community during a global pandemic???

Well there was no way I was losing 80+ hours worth of leave, so I started planning (and taking) some getaways.

It all started with Minnesota. I know…. weird destination for a summer vacation, but my husband was called to the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’ for a work event and seeing as his half of the travel costs was being paid for by his employer, I joined ’cause why not!?


Glistening downtown Minneapolis. 

Our timing was pretty perfect as we flew into Minneapolis during their PRIDE weekend. Let me just say; if you are a female and have always had an uneasy feeling walking the streets of a big city, visit during PRIDE weekend and your fears will be quelled. At least they were for me in the heart of Minneapolis. Granted, I was still catcalled and honked at by a variety of menfolk (when my husband was not present of course), but I never felt unsafe, and that is a huge deal.

While Fella was in and out of seminars for the first 4 days of our visit, I filled my days with shopping, but not just any shopping; I went to the Mall of America! And by shopping I really mean trying on a bunch of dresses for some upcoming weddings and leaving with a pair of sneakers, some postcards, and a bra. I’m more of a bargain shopper, a thrift store whore if you will, so I wasn’t all that surprised that I didn’t find what I was looking for. But don’t worry–I found some great dresses for less than $20 each back at home. 😉

Once Fella was finished with his conference, we spent a couple days exploring a bit more of this new-to-us state and took a day trip up north for some whitewater rafting. Neither of us had gone before and figured since we would be with a group, it wouldn’t be so scary. But when we got there, we were put in a 2 person inflatable kayak and were told, “You guys got this.” Right at the start of our excursion, we entered into class 3 rapids (6 is the most difficult) and somehow managed to make it through even finishing backwards! Though unintentional, it earned us some mad respect. We stopped a handful of times for some hiking and cliff jumping; overall, it was a great experience to round out our visit to Minnesota.

Because I had a hankerin’ for a good ‘ol fashioned family beach vacation and after realizing that it had been 10 years since our last family trip, I planned our next trip for the beach! We were long overdue for a family trip and a weeklong beach vacation sounded perfect. It was a tall order finding accommodations that would suit 5 adults and 4 dogs, but I did and it was perfect! Well it was… until the last full day where I gave myself nicotine poisoning… a story for maybe another time, because holy hell was that traumatizing, but I will say it will be a vacation I will never forget.

Fella and I try to plan a getaway every year around our wedding anniversary (which falls during the first week of August) and this year we planned a trip to Virginia Beach to visit a friend who was also turning the big 3-0. Plans were made and excitement grew as our last summer vacation fast approached and then it happened; Fella caught the dreaded virus-that-shall-not-be-named and we had to stay home. Waaaahhhhhhh. 😫 We still were able to ‘celebrate’ with a trip to a local beach at a lake followed by a couple of escape rooms (alone, masked, and essentially bathed in sanitizer). It wasn’t how we pictured our 4 year wedding anniversary, but we were together which was all that mattered.

I managed to not get down with the sickness (any Disturbed fans out there…?) and made plans for our makeup beach trip for a couple weeks later. Though we had to shave off a day, it was still a great time away filled with a day at the beach, a nice visit with a friend, some manual labor (helped said friend install a couple of ceiling fans in his new house because I.Am.Woman 💪), a new motorcycle (for my friend), a stop at an all you can eat seafood buffet, and another escape room (we’re up to 64 in case anyone was wondering).

We’re currently gearing up to head to Lexington, KY for one of the aforementioned weddings this weekend where my +1 is actually in the wedding party. Wait, does that make me the +1? The audacity!

Wedding festivities start for us tomorrow night with the rehearsal dinner followed by a whirlwind of wedding weekend fun. Then things will slow down as Fella is back to teaching and I start heading into busy season at work. We have another wedding in September then a short weekend getaway I’ve planned in November for Fella’s birthday. I just love having things to look forward to…

Until next update. ✌

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