When people ask me to describe myself, I’m usually at a lose for words. I don’t like talking about myself. So why did I start a blog about my life? Many reasons: because I can; because I have something to say; because maybe this will help me to find my voice.

Typically, when asked to talk about myself, my response is usually: what do you want to know? Do you want to know that I am 25 years old? Do you want to know that I can juggle? How about the fact that I can out-belch any female and most males? Should I tell you about how I suffer from anxiety and depression?

What about me is unique? What makes me interesting? I probably struggle with these questions because I don’t feel that I am unique or interesting, but that wouldn’t make for that great of a blog, now would it?

Some things about me:

I have red hair and blue eyes which is the rarest combination of physical traits in the world (I think that’s pretty cool).

I am funny, intelligent, easy to get along with…. this is starting to sound like a dating profile….

If there is anything in particular you want to know about me, send me a message. As for my background, my life story… you will get to know more about that if you read my posts.