When people ask me to describe myself, I’m usually at a loss for words. I don’t like talking about myself. So why did I start a blog about my life? Many reasons: because I can; because I have something to say; because maybe this will help me to find my voice or at least help me remember where I left my stinkin’ keys!

Typically, when asked to talk about myself, my response is usually: what do you want to know?

Do you want to know that I am in my 30’s? Do you want to know that I can juggle? How about the fact that I have both my motorcycle license and my CDL? Should I tell you that I have a sister I’ve never met? Or that my husband is from England?

What about me is unique? What makes me interesting? I probably struggle with these questions because I don’t feel that I am unique or interesting, but that wouldn’t make for that great of a blog, now would it?

Some things about me:

I have red hair and blue eyes which is the rarest combination of physical traits in the world (I think that’s pretty cool). I am funny, intelligent, easy to get along with…. this is starting to sound like a dating profile… but seriously, dancing in the rain is like the best thing ever. And cookies. And bunnies. Oh, and I should probably mention that I belch. Like a lot.

If there is anything in particular you want to know about me, at this point I’ve most likely already written about it. If not, it’s probably saved in my drafts folder.

If you’re interested in the Cliff’s Notes version of my entire blog, here are some of my most viewed posts:

Also my post Modern Day Romance was published on the Thought Catalog, so it has to be good, right?

The best thing I’ve learned from blogging so far is that there are some pretty great friends to be made in this little world; you just have to put in a little effort.