Airing My Grievances

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What’s In My Bag

I’m nosey. Not as nosey as most, but more nosey than some. I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m a reality tv fan, and why I don’t pay for television (because I would get nothing done).

Anyway… 2 of my blogging buddies recently posted about what’s in their purses and I was marvelously intrigued. If you’re also interested in other people’s personal belongings, here are Becky’s, Amanda’s, and now mine!

My purse is Christian something-or-other. I got it from a resell/vintage shop ’cause I liked the color. Fun fact: it’s the only purse I’ve ever owned that came with a dust bag.

Here are my purse essentials: sunglasses (with case-always), wallet, contact case to hold ibuprofen, hand lotion, 1 quarter ’cause you never know when you need one, a hair clip (my version of a fidget spinner), lip balm, gum, a couple hair ties ’cause summer, and my badge for work peaking up from the pocket.

In the cooler months I tend to carry larger purses so I can keep my gloves, hat, scarf, etc. when I’m not using them.

That’s it. Weird content? Yes. But I found joy from snooping through other peoples’ stuff, so maybe someone will find joy from mine.

Do you carry your life with you? Do you keep everything in one of those phone wallets? I I wanna see it all! Show me your things!!

My Really Shitty Date

To continue on from my previous post, another fun fact about me is when I have spare time I clean. Or at least that’s what happened the other morning. I got ready for work and had some extra time, so I broke out the Windex and cleaned a mirror. Once the mirror was all shiny and dust-free, I caught a glimpse of 2 white hairs sticking straight up in the forefront of my luscious locks. Just in case you don’t know, I’M ONLY 27!

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He’s Okay, But There Was an Accident…

I’m a second generation motorcycle rider. Growing up my dad always had a motorcycle; at one point he even had 4. Mom and I would take turns riding with him most weekends running errands, visiting family, and sometimes just going out for ice cream. We joined a local motorcycle club when I was 12, so our rides became more frequent. In the organization, we were Chapter Z or by those who knew us, the Zaniacs. We would ride out to other chapter meetings, go on poker runs to raise money for local charities, ride in parades… It was an amazing feeling to belong to this amazing group of people who loved riding just as much as we did.

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neVer forgeT 4/16/07

This is a piece I wrote 2 years ago reminding my readers of the tragedy that took place on April 16th, 2017. For most people, today is just another day, but for those who have a connection to Virginia Tech in some form, today is a solemn day; a day of mourning, a day of remembrance. Today we are all Hokies.

via neVer forgeT 4/16/07

We Get It – You Hate February 14th!

Seriously though. Where did all this hatred for Valentine’s Day come from!? Is it because you’re single? Is it because you’re cheap? Is it because you’re cynical? Is it because you hate chocolate (if this is the case, then you have a bigger issue)?

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Not-So-Super Kinda·Stition

Superstitions. Do you have any? Are you afraid of black cats; of breaking mirrors; of walking under ladders? Are you scared of leaving the house on Friday the 13th? Do you refuse to open an umbrella whilst inside? Continue reading