You Gotta Doo What you Gotta Doo

If you’ve been following along for a while, first of all, good on ‘ya! Second of all, are you okay…?

If you’ve been a long-time lurker, then you know I’m somewhat of a fecal non-fictionary; a shit-scribbler if you will–the topic, not the quality (I hope). If you need a refresher, here are posts one and two on the subject. Now if this intro or title in any way offends you or gives you a sense of unease, click out now. This story I’m about to share is graphic, disturbing, raw, and beyond humiliating for the protagonist–yours truly. Continue reading

Take It or No Leave


That’s a proper greeting after being dormant for months, right…?

You know how ‘writers’ can be… sometimes we have inspiration and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we can’t shut up, and sometimes we take a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. Do I need to explain myself? Probably not. But here I am. Here we are. Hello again. How are you?? Continue reading

Party Over Here!

Fella and I have officially completed 1 year of marriage. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that a year ago today I was enjoying my honeymoon in Belize. Take me back!

After a wedding there are 2 go-to questions on everyone’s minds: a) When are you having kids, and b) Has anything changed since getting married? (Or if you’re my slightly obnoxious aunt: where is my gosh darn thank you letter!?) As far as kids, that’s a hard pass; at least for now. But has anything changed in our relationship since our nuptials? No, not really. He’s still my best friend. He’s still a great dog daddy. He still contributes to

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More Clocks, A Beach, & Meeting The Family

We made it to Newcastle around lunch time and as soon as Fella had a bearing of where we were, he decided the first place to see was his old flat. It was a normal looking end unit apartment on the corner of 2 fairly quiet streets. For purely cognitive purposes, I snapped a quick picture (that’s not weird, right?), and we went on our way. We made it to Newcastle city center where once again we were presented with the frustrating question Continue reading