Feliz Quizmas Primero!

He’s at it again folks; stirring the pot to rile up this dysfunctional blogging family of ours. ‘Tis the season for family disputes I suppose. Paul has brought us this festive quiz to ring in the holiday season and round out this year of competition. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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Moderna Vax: Why Me?

So I got shot… THE shot. The one people are currently demanding… the same people who refuse to wear a mask and think this virus is a hoax. Yes, I got my first dose of the two dose Moderna COVID vaccine and I’m struggling internally asking: why me?

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A Cozy Winter Tag

I want to play too!

Cass tagged me to participate in this fun little blogging Q/A so here are my responses.

1. Green Christmas or White Christmas?

I’m guessing this is a ‘what would you prefer’ kind of question… I’m sad to say it, but I’ve never experienced a White Christmas, though I would much prefer my Christmases to be white.

2. Would you rather snuggle up with a blanket or go outside and play in the snow?

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Christmas Ain’t for the Weak

Last I left you all, I was antsy about getting Christmas started. I was chomping on the bit to dig out the decorations and set up a tree. I wanted 24/7 Christmas music and was ready for Thanksgiving to come to a close.

Well here we are. Four days after Thanksgiving. A perfect time for me to radiate that previously suppressed holiday excitement, except I’m not…

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Is It Christmas Yet?

I’m not one to rush through life. I like to look forward to things coming up and make it an overall experience rather than enjoying one day or one week whether it’s a holiday or a vacation, but I’m kind of struggling guys. Because Thanksgiving is so late this year I’m having to put off getting into the Christmas spirit and I’m not about suppressing my (or anyone else’s) fa-la-la-la-la.  Continue reading

Laughing ’til It Hurts

As of late, my heart has been heavy, but instead of sharing a sad story, I will instead share with you a story of a typical shopping trip with me and my mom.

Every year around this time, mom and I like to go shopping together. When I was younger, we would play hooky and make our way around town in the middle of the week accumulating Christmas gifts and spying the year’s decorations up for grabs. But since I’ve moved 200 miles away, we have to squeeze in any kind of shopping trip whenever we can.

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Speaking of Accidents…

I was getting ready to respond to one of my good blogger friends, Sarah, about my previous car incidents I’ve been in (though nothing like I had witness just 2 weeks ago) and decided to just write a post about them, so here we are!

Before you become too concerned, as I explained it to her: “I’ve been in 2.5 kind of accidents.” Continue reading

Confirmed: I am NOT a City Girl

Ya’ll! I made it to the Big Apple! I didn’t see an apple anywhere, so I don’t find it aptly named, but that’s neither here nor there.

For those of you who are new (hi, hello), I am by no means a city girl. I was born and raised in a small town where the livestock population outnumbered the human residence. I learned how to drive a tractor when I was 8. What business does an 8 year old have driving a tractor I hear you ask…? My friend’s grandparents needed my friend and me to put up a fence for their llamas… duh! Continue reading

Who’s A Grinch…?

I’m gonna be honest: Christmas doesn’t do it for me.

There, I said it. Now let me explain.

First off, I adore the decorations. If I could enjoy the sight of twinkle lights and tinsel all year round, I’m sure I would never tire of it. Even the dingiest of towns seem to come alive during the Christmas season with their lamp posts adorned with glitzy snowflake decorations and wreathes scattered around on random doors and building faces. Continue reading

The Christmas Tag

Ho ho ho BEXoxo goers! Merry Christmas! I thought I would change it up a bit this week seeing as it’s LESS THAN A WEEK ‘TIL CHRISTMAS!! I’ve seen The Christmas Tag circulating the blogasphere and thought I would participate. I hope it gets you in the Christmas spirit as much as it did for me! 😊

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