Next Time On The Real Housewives…

I tell people I’m a reality blogger because I don’t like the term “lifestyle blogger.” I don’t mean it in a “put things into the universe if you want them to come to be” type way. But lately it feels as though I’m living my own version of The Real Housewives. Not that I have drama in my life personally (thank you universe), but some of my friends are being put through the ringer. Continue reading

Misery Loves Company

I’m writing out my life in a timeline, so to experience my story the way its supposed to be told, start at I Was That Girl In School… then proceed chronologically by post date.

From the outside looking in, I can see how this situation can look pretty bad: a married man and a woman in a committed relationship struck up a friendship, started texting, they ‘got caught cheating,’ the boyfriend broke up with the girlfriend, the married man left his wife to be with the girl resulting in confusion and heart break. It’s rather easy to believe this story when it’s being shoved down your throat (thanks to a certain someone…) I promise you, that’s not what happened. Continue reading