My Wedding Weight Loss Journey

Along with making decorations for my wedding and spending hours online finding things for my big day, I’ve been focusing on myself (another reason I have been a bit MIA).

When Fella and I got engaged last summer, I was in the middle of one of my many health/fitness kicks. You know the ones: eat nothing but salads and fresh fruits, drink water, and exercise for all of a week or two, then suddenly stop. I have been through many of these cycles, but since I had my wedding to keep me motivated, I decided I was actually going to make a change. Continue reading

A Question

So this is going to be a weird post for my blog, but bear with me…

I need help, but not just me; my workplace needs input. I work in the healthcare industry, but not the typical private doctors’ office or hospital. I work for the health district which serves the community more as a whole in terms of health standards. With that being said, we do have nurses and nurse practitioners, as well as environmental health specialists, and admin personnel.  Continue reading