Challenge of Aging

Renata challenged me to write about a memorable birthday I’ve had (an echo from Bill) and since I’ve pretty much spilled those beans on my own quarantine birthday post a couple months back, I’ve decided instead to share my coolest birthday gift: a car.

Now with that lead up, you’d think it was an awesome birthday surprise that came with an over-sized bow or maybe the keys gifted in a little box that was perfectly wrapped. Yeah, none of that happened… Continue reading

Speaking of Accidents…

I was getting ready to respond to one of my good blogger friends, Sarah, about my previous car incidents I’ve been in (though nothing like I had witness just 2 weeks ago) and decided to just write a post about them, so here we are!

Before you become too concerned, as I explained it to her: “I’ve been in 2.5 kind of accidents.” Continue reading