Don’t Hate Me, But…

Hey, Hey! Another VBA! That was my poor attempt at rhyming and I promise, it will never happen again (at least not in this context).

My girl Kori over at Rambling Kori nominated me (almost 2 weeks ago!) for yet another Versatile Blogger Award. I feel like I’ve become that person at those award shows that keeps getting their name called over and over and every time they go up to accept the award, the applause dwindles more and more, and they start getting side looks from their peers as if to say, “We get the point already.” Continue reading

Blogger Recognition Award

Oh-my-gosh-Oh-my-gosh-Oh-my-gosh! This is my 4th award since starting my blog a little over a month ago! You guys are the absolute best! I know by now, I probably sound like a broken record, but it truly means a lot for my writing to be recognized by fellow bloggers.

I actually received a comment yesterday that read: “I don’t know what it is but I always feel ashamed to “like” your posts because it’s almost as if that I’m “liking” what happened to you.” I have my fair share of followers and I believe that such is the case for a lot of them; Continue reading