A Cozy Winter Tag

I want to play too!

Cass tagged me to participate in this fun little blogging Q/A so here are my responses.

1. Green Christmas or White Christmas?

I’m guessing this is a ‘what would you prefer’ kind of question… I’m sad to say it, but I’ve never experienced a White Christmas, though I would much prefer my Christmases to be white.

2. Would you rather snuggle up with a blanket or go outside and play in the snow?

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Wedding Dresses, Snow, and NYC

So last weekend, I went wedding dress shopping. Eeeeeek!

I’m far from a girly-girl, so this necessary shopping trip was quite daunting for me. I booked an appointment (to shop!?) a week in advance and gave my possy the deets (just go with it…).

Since getting engaged (more like a year or two before),  I’ve been searching wedding dress styles; what I like, what I don’t like, different colors, etc., so I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for. Continue reading

Who’s A Grinch…?

I’m gonna be honest: Christmas doesn’t do it for me.

There, I said it. Now let me explain.

First off, I adore the decorations. If I could enjoy the sight of twinkle lights and tinsel all year round, I’m sure I would never tire of it. Even the dingiest of towns seem to come alive during the Christmas season with their lamp posts adorned with glitzy snowflake decorations and wreathes scattered around on random doors and building faces. Continue reading