I’m Ready for a Break

Ya’ll… I don’t even know how to start. It. Has. Been. A. Day.

I’ve been working every testing event we’ve had which has been 5 in the past week and a half; some of them have been close to 12 hour days. Days I’m not working events, I feel like I’m playing catch up for the rest of my reoccurring responsibilities, but with the added bonus of the phone ringing non-stop. But today… oooooo lord today… let me tell you.

I got to the testing site and started driving a golf cart around to help setup. The damn thing DIED on me 15 minutes into my day; before testing even started. But not just that-it died on the side of the road, so an Army Reserve cadet and I had to push it a quarter mile to plug it in. I grabbed the other golf cart and that one lasted about 30 minutes before it started puttering. The people responsible for the carts HAD 4 DAYS TO CHARGE THEM! Why they didn’t take the opportunity to do so is beyond me.

Later in the morning while I was making my rounds, I stopped at the check-in tent; the first checkpoint of the drive-thru clinic. While I was chatting with the fellas there, a couple of cyclists come rolling down the road. As they got closer I stepped towards them and waved my arm signaling for them to stop. The lady that was leading yelled at me that she was “just biking the trail” that runs down past the high school that we’ve set up at. I told her that it was a closed testing area and that they needed to turn around. I was pleasant, professional. THIS WOMAN ZOOMS PAST ME AND SCREAMS PROFANITIES AT ME! They didn’t even slow down.

That was a very ballsy move on their part what with a sheriff cruiser and town police car parked right next to me. The sheriff officer asked if they were allowed past and I told her no, so she radioed her buddy down by registration and together they met up with the spawn of Satan and her tag along to send them back to where they came from. On the way back, of course we crossed paths and she started screaming even more colorful language at me. Really!? We’re offering FREE COVID-19 TESTING to the community and you’re upset that you can’t use a freakin’ bike path!???!?!?!! Some people…

After the clinic finished up I hopped on the bus to headed back to the health department. I like to listen to the radio when I’m chugging along in the ‘ol Bluebird and minutes into my trip, the emergency broadcasting station cut on and said THERE WAS A TORNADO 7 MILES BEHIND ME MOVING IN MY DIRECTION AND THAT EVERYONE LISTENING SHOULD TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY! No, no, no, no. This can’t be happening!

I had the pedal floored the whole way back (which is actually standard operation when driving that thing) and a death grip on the steering wheel, focusing on my mirrors, hoping and praying I didn’t see a funnel cloud. Luckily I made it back to the health department and all was well.

But then I had to go home…

The first 10 minutes of my commute was pretty uneventful; a couple bolts of lightning in the distance, but that was about it. Then it was like I drove through some sort of portal to an alternate universe. The wind picked up and it started raining, hard. Then a TREE BRANCH FELL ON TOP OF MY CAR WHILE I WAS DRIVING. The wind and rain pick up to the point I couldn’t see anything; not even the hood of my own car. By the grace of something, I made it to my turn off, now within 1.5 miles of home and IT STARTED HAILING! I finally make it to my road, turned the last corner and see that the TREE IN MY FONT YARD HAS SPLIT IN HALF AND HAD FALLEN TOWARDS THE HOUSE.

I hightail it inside and told Fella we had to go downstairs. We grabbed the dogs and decided to hide out in a windowless room downstairs until everything passed. Luckily the storm was short lived, but boy was it scary. Turns out there was a reported tornado in the area around the time of my homecoming… imagine that.

Before and after: this past weekend just before my well deserved ‘wind therapy’ and the aftermath of today’s storm.

I’m tired. My body is fatigued. I’m not able to go to the gym and take care of myself the way I want to. I’m eating anything and everything that’s available because I don’t have the time or energy to meal prep. I’ve stopped seeing my therapist for the time being. I’m not used to this new life and it’s starting to wear me down and then today happened. I feel like I couldn’t catch a break and honestly, I have tears in my eyes right as I type this. I’m playing a very minor role in this pandemic, but golly day, I need a break from this madness.

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