The Chicken and The Sheep

I know, I know… it sounds like I’m setting you up for a rather pathetic joke.

A chicken and a sheep walked into a barn… Not quite.

When I was younger, still living at home with my parents, we had a strange couple that would walk around the neighborhood. When I first saw them, I figured it was just a coincidence. But then I saw them a second and then a third time and then it became the norm. 

They were quiet and kept to themselves, so I tried never to bother them. On a couple of occasions while walking the dog, he would notice them and start to bark. I would try to correct his rudeness while pulling him in the opposite direction; apologetic for the disruption, but the couple never seemed fazed- they would just continue their stroll.

One day mom came home from visiting with another neighbor. “I know where they live!”

Since the couples’ first appearance, no one knew where exactly they came from- they just were. But mom got to talking to our closest neighbor who disclosed the property of which the couple took up residency. They lived with a couple and their two small kids who had just purchased the farm up the road. Makes sense since this couple was in fact, a chicken and a sheep.

That’s right. The duo wandered around the neighborhood together doing whatever it is that a chicken and a sheep would do (which was mostly grazing). They would spend their mornings soaking up the sun in the grass close to home and by the afternoon, they had made their way to the church yard. Sometimes the sheep would take naps under the shade of the oak trees while the chicken stood watch. Other times, they would lazily chase after the local squirrels (or maybe avoid them…?). On a few occasions, they entertained themselves by holding up traffic (playing chicken if you will).

Once again, our neighbor came through with an explanation for the peculiar pair. Well, kind of…

The family was Islamic and they had purchased the sheep for sacrificial purposes, but the small children became attached to the woolly creature. As for the chicken, the family had a brood of chickens and I suppose this was the adventurous one of the group. Just like Chicken Little- doing her own thing.

Then, just as they had appeared, they disappeared. To this day, I have no idea what happened to the twosome, but I like to think that they’re on some grand adventure that involves elaborate escape plans, bad guys, and possibly a love interest.

7 thoughts on “The Chicken and The Sheep

  1. Oooh! Oooo! I got one: “A chicken and a sheep walk into a barn. “What’s new with ewe?” asks the chicken. “Shut up” says the sheep. “I’m not in a fowl mood.”

    Yeah, it sucked. But YOU come up with a better one on such short notice.

    I like the illicit love interest angle to explain their disappearance. But I think it more likely that one of them at least ended up with a more stock explanation.

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