Excuse My Incompetence…

Hello readers! It was recently brought to my attention that my comment section has been on the MIA list since I made my Christmas Tag post. I’m not really sure what happened and I’m very sad at the thought that I’ve missed out on some lovely feedback, but it has since been corrected, so if you had something to say, now’s the time to say it!

Just to give you a little boost, here are all the posts that I have made since then that now have comment sections:

The Christmas Tag

One Lovely Blog Award

Soulmate vs. Red String of Fate

Oh Lord…

If I have in fact, missed my chance in reading your thoughts, then I am truly remorseful. There are more to come, and I look forward to conversing with you at that time.

On another note, I wanted to open the lines of communication and welcome you all to ask any questions you may have for me. If there is a specific topic you would like to read my thoughts about, let me know and I will write a post about it! Are you just dying to know my favorite color? I’ll be happy to answer such nonsensical questions down below (because I have a comments section again!). 🙂

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