Spring Break 2018

Friday, March 2nd, 6:30am: I’m all packed for Kentucky! The dogs’ overnight bag is packed. Fella just needs to pack, we load up the car after work and hit the road to go visit our friend for a few days. I’m so ready for a mini vacation.

Friday, 8:20ish am: I get a text from Fella: “Kentucky friend/host has strep.” Well fuck! The last thing he needs is visitors and the last thing I want on my mini vacay is strep! Guess our trip is cancelled.

Friday, 8:43am: Dr. Boss Lady come into my office. “Can you take a CDL class tomorrow (Saturday)?” Sure thing. It’s not like I have any plans…

Friday, 5-something pm: My Kentucky bag is unpacked. Fella is moody. I’m upset I’ve wasted my days off to stay home and do nothing. Oh, but it’s not nothing- I now have to work on a Saturday. Oh joy.

Friday, 8:00pm: Because I am taking a CDL class (ya’ll I’m gonna be a bus driver!!) for the next 3 Saturdays, I have 3 days comp time. I’ve already taken Monday and Tuesday off and Fella is off all week for Spring Break. Why don’t I just take off the rest of the week!? Then we could actually do something, like for real! Or go somewhere cool!

I start pounding away on my computer. Beach? Nah, it’s still too cold. Parents? So we can veg out in front of their tv instead of ours….? I don’t think so! Mountains? Maybe… but where? Tennessee? Let me look at their accommodations…. Ooooo, a cabin with a hot tub and a fireplace… NOT FOR $300 A NIGHT!!

We haven’t gotten a chance to go snowboarding (me)/ skiing (him) this season because of reasons (allocating all our ‘extra funds’ towards a new heat pump and the wedding). Why don’t I check out ski resorts. It may be a long shot since it’s the beginning of March…

Google: ski resorts near me

#1 find on Hotels.com: Glade Springs Resort- Ghent, West Virginia. Well the price is right and the resort is only 10 miles from the ski lodge. This looks promising.

Superb breakfast (I’ll be the judge of that), indoor pool and hot tub, on-site spa, on-site bowling alley, barn with trail rides year-round, indoor/outdoor tennis courts, arcade, multiple restaurants, free shuttle service…. I think this will be a fun place to stay!

Talk to Fella about the not-so-far-off wonderland. He agrees. We book a suite for 3 nights: Monday-Thursday. Yay! Vacation!

Saturday, 2:30pm: I come home from learning how to be a bus driver and Fella is mopey. He found out that Winterplace, the ski slopes we were planning on shredding is not going to be open during the week. Well fudge! It’s a good thing the resort we’re staying at has all the other activities to keep us occupied…. Fella’s still bummed about not skiing and not seeing his friend.

Google: ski resort west virginia

Top find: Snowshoe, West Virginia.

Google Maps: Glade Springs WV to Snoeshoe WV. Result: 2.5 hour drive.


Check lift ticket prices: Late season discount + weekday discount = totally worth the drive!

I tell Fella. He agrees. I buy the tickets.

Yay! Spring Break 2018!

As you can tell, those 2 days were a roller coaster of emotions, but by 4pm Monday afternoon, the dogs were boarded and we were checking in to our suite in West Virginia after only driving for about 1.5 hours (as opposed to the 5 hours if we had gone to Kentucky).

Monday night, we ate dinner at one of their on-site restaurants. It was over priced and not very good, but they had free pool, so Fella and I hung out drinking and trash talking each other around the billiards table.

Tuesday morning we woke up with just enough time to get the Superb Breakfast. I mean… it was good and all, but not as good as Fella’s Sunday morning full English breakfast he makes every week. After breakfast, I convinced Fella to take a drive to see a bridge ’cause I’m a bit of a nerd. But to be fair, it’s the 4th largest arch bride in the world.


How’s that for a bridge, Sarah?

We then headed back to the resort. We decided to go to the Leisure Center to go for a swim before bowling, but not before I found out I was a beast at ping pong! They had a table in the arcade and we spent a good hour and half playing ‘best out of ____’ until we got tired (read: Fella had enough of my awesomeness).

We went for a dip then found out the bowling center had some private event for the first 2 hours of them being open. So dinner it was. We went for some BBQ in town that was pretty yummy, then went back for some bowling. By the time the event crowd had left, we had the alley to ourselves. We spent the next couple hours sipping beers and bowling. I may have won the crown for ping pong, but Fella owned it on the bowling lane.

Wednesday, we woke up early, stopped in for our Superb  Breakfast and hit the road with our ski/snowboard gear in tow. We made it to Snowshoe around 10:30am and it was snowing on the mountain. This made me uber excited seeing as I had never boarded on real snow before. I had only ever gone to a place that makes their own snow and most of the time it’s like slush, which when it gets packed down after lots of people going over it, it becomes solid ice. Not the best of situations, but it’s what I knew.

13320004_10205630049383074_8805489802989150296_nSnowshoe has forever spoiled me. I snowboarded my little heart out on that mountain. We had a blast! And because it was the middle of the week, the trails weren’t overly busy. In fact, some of the trails were completely empty when we were on them! It was one of the best days I had had in a long time.

We drove the 2.5 hours back to the resort after a long day of snow sporting and passed out.

Thursday was our last day and Fella and I were read to get our fur babies back, so we had our final Superb Breakfast and headed home.

Once we made it home and unpacked everything, I sort of became restless. I still had all of Friday, part of Saturday, and all of Sunday to keep myself occupied. What was I going to do…?

I found out Winterplace, the ski lodge we stayed down the road from, was going to be open Friday. I shared that info with Fella, and it was decided: we would go back up on Friday.

Now I wouldn’t say it was a waste or that I regretted going, but Winterplace is one of those places that makes their own snow… yeah. Their slopes sucked. They only had about a dozen slopes open and most of them were for intermediate level riders. That was no problem for us, but the other people on the slopes weren’t that experienced and caused quite the back up on one section of the mountain. We stayed for about 5 hours and headed home.

So what was almost a disaster of a Spring Break turned into an awesome mini vacation with my soon-to-be husband (4 months and 5 days before the wedding!).

**In case anyone was wondering, my office will be getting a bus that we will be using as a mobile doctors office to use throughout the community for people with no means of transportation (i.e. no access to medical treatment). It’s an extremely large retired school bus that requires a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) to drive, so ya girl is gonna become a bus driver because why the hell not!? I’m excited for the new challenge, but I’m not excited about having to parallel park that sucker for the driver’s test. Wish me luck!

12 thoughts on “Spring Break 2018

    • Yes it is! I would love to go back and see during the summer. I bet it’s gorgeous with all the full trees. The valley was very brown when we were there (hence the black and grey edit).

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      • It’s really pretty in the fall too. We usually paddle there in the spring though, as snow melt and increased water releases make for some kick-ass whitewater. I recommend it if you ever get the chance. The Gauley River is another terrific run in WVa too. 😊


  1. Goodness, it’s been years since I’ve been snowboarding and I miss it so much. My friend just returned my gear that she borrowed and it’s currently sitting in my living room staring at me as I type this. I’m so happy for you getting to get out there and shred.

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  2. Yay! Congrats on your new job as a bus driver! 😀 The trip you guys booked sounds so amazing and that bridge is beautiful! Too bad your fiancé wasn’t able to see his friend though. 😦
    How exciting that you were able to snowboard on real snow for the first time!!! Will you ever be able to snowboard on fake snow again?!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t even properly parallel park the car that I’ve had since… 2012?… I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your CDL test LOL I hope it goes well! It sounds like being the driver would be a great opportunity/way to participate in a really important service to that community.

    Liked by 1 person

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